another rainy morning turned into a good exploring day. ian and i hit up concrete central with intent to climb, but it is unclimbable for us novices with no upper body strength. or ladders. just one ladder to go up one story is needed. when they cut the stairs out of that elevator, they actually cut out the entire stair structure – unlike cargill. so after the typical walk through we headed to the marine-a¬†elevator, which i hadn’t been back to since early 2004. it’s rather unimpressive, and quite small in comparison to concrete central and cargill, but it has the coolest echoes. for whatever reason the owners cut off the bottom of the silos. so you can see all the way up, just massive space, that sounds so cool with any tiny little noise. it’s really the only thing that makes it¬†interesting. that and the praying mantis we found on a rusted barrel. and the weird half painted over mural that included an airplane that i SWEAR says “capital g” on it. also, the stacks still have stairs! woo. for some reason it felt more dangerous to be using those stairs than climbing cargill’s lack of stairs. the roof top level was very different from cargills, very small, not as many different roof levels. somewhat anti climatic after trying to get up there, but still cool to see. interesting view from up there, but i don’t see making a return trip in my future though. i do need to find a ladder of some sort to take to concrete…

got dinner at amy’s so i could finally get the falafel haha. drove around a bit, couldn’t find anything else. need some new places to visit for next time. suggestions welcome haha.

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