there is this little older asian lady at work who likes me for some reason. she calls me “boo-tee-ful dealer” haha. she was playing with me today and said she lives alone and gets lonely so she comes to the casino and then she gets to play with the beautiful dealer hahaha. and she gave me 70$ and specified it was “for kitty kat” hahaha.

i really don’t know how to explain my relationship with u2 right now. cuz i so totally despise politician bono. and i really don’t care for the last album. and the shows were eh. but i still love 90s u2, and listening to them today, even “all that you can’t leave behind” still makes me happy – er well the first 5 tracks, and new york. new york actually gives me chills because it was so great live. and especially the 2nd version post 9-11. i really do enjoy the first half of that record. coldplay steve copied the vertigo dvd for me but i don’t really want to watch it. cuz i’m just so eh on them right now. gah. but i have thought of a bunch more u2 icons to make haha

dying my hair blueblack…scalp is so totally bright blue. yikes. i really hope i did ok on the back of my neck and there aren’t big blobs of blue skin showing. i dont have a hand mirror to even try to look either.

trent in 1 day!

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