i haven’t gotten to watch much of the olympics this time around, although i have tried to catch the short track from time to time. you know, since apollo is so hot and all 🙂 i’m so shallow haha. anyway….i gotta say skeleton is the most insane event at the games. head first at 70 mph?!?!? insanity. saw some of it last night and me and this kid at work just stopped talking and stared at the tv watching, then both agreed that it was completely nuts. a coworker of mine used to be a luger. he almost made the olympics in 84, but they took the top 2 instead of every other year when they took the top 3. he trained at lake placid for years. pretty cool eh? ski jump is probably totally cool, just like flying. oh and watching the snowboarding races makes me want to learn to snowboard. of course, i’d kill myself that’s for sure. i just didn’t realize they had snowboarding races, i just thought it was the halfpipe stuff, and solo timed races. very cool.

i wish i had more vacation time because i’d really like to go to europe this year.

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