put my xmas trees up today. i’m tired of the silver tree. and i can’t put any ornaments on the green tree because the cat constantly climbs in the tree. haha. i took a picture on my phone but it’s too big to send, so it’ll just sit on my phone. if i wasn’t so considerate my god my neighbors would hate me. because i bought a glowing plastic cow. haha. cows played a very important part in the birth of jesus. *ahem* yeah. i was going to get a camel, but decided on the cow. they had sheep too but it sorta just looked like a white blob, but i might go back…. i plan to display it year round. but it’s inside, not outside, so the neighbors aren’t like wtf. plastic glowing cow and pirate flag hahahah. pirate flag hasn’t found a home yet either.


anyone want a chicken machine that doesn’t work, but most likely could if you knew anything about vending machines? it’s free.

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