A Perfect Circle Toronto

i don’t know how i ever questioned going to the rochester show on monday. lol really…i must have been temporarily insane to think i didn’t want to go to it anymore. good thing i didn’t sell my ticket to anyone else.

a perfect circle is seriously the best band out there right now. ive said it before, i’ll say it again, and i’m sure i’ll say it even more in the future. maynard is the best male rock vocalist. period. wow. as soon as it started i had a big stupid grin on my face. they opened with “vanishing” which is kinda an odd choice, but it worked really well. i’ll get the set list eventually. but my comments.
– i love “blue” on the album. it’s one of my favs. it sucks live. it just totally doesn’t work.
– we got “brena” instead of “rose” from the first album. it was a nice change, i think i only heard brena at the boston show but i’m not sure. i forget about brena, and that it’s such a pretty song. maynard’s voice is so beautiful in it.
– “the package” is really cool live when it kicks in towards the middle. the guitars are just piercing
– “the nurse who loved me” is infinitely better live than on the album. it’s one of the songs i could do without, but the way they change it live it so cool
– maynard holds the note in “the outsider”, for “what a mess” and i think it’s more impressive than the “judith” note. that’s saying alot, since his voice on “judith” is just like, gah!!
– they played “the noose”. i totally didn’t expect it and it was wonderful
– this kid behind us had a funny shirt on that said “i’m like a superhero with no special powers and no motivation” hah it made me laff

the rest of the day…ikea didn’t have the lights i wanted. must be too new or something, will have to check the other store in a few weeks. i didn’t do my hair or makeup til i got to heathers. my hair looked so rad, but i dunno what i did when i did it, but it hurt like hell. so by the time we were finishing at ikea i was dying from the pain so i had to take them out in the car. booo. it looked so cool. *whine* i think i might have had them too high on my head maybe…cuz they didn’t hurt yesterday when i wore them around the house. i switched tickets with heathers friend, so i could sit with her instead of by myself. nice kid to do it for us. i had seats on the side of the arena, and heather’s were directly across the arena from the stage. so good view the whole time, and it was wonderful

orgy is going to kick so much ass omg i can’t wait. heather said she’s gonna go now, cuz it’s on her birthday, and james said he is coming too. ha i get to dress him up la la la anyone else want in on the orgy?!? the more the merrier. i decided i definitely won’t be able to wear the fake hair to orgy cuz it’ll just get pulled/tornoff/destroyed when i’m up at barrier so i’m gonna get my hair cut off after vacation. i think i might have seen a style i liked on this asian chick at the show tonight. yeah..me…black hair, how asian do i look now? lol

took a few dumb pics that maybe i’ll post tomorrow.

haha my dream calendar for today is “car” and it says…”finally, some dream pros say cars symbolize your current relationship. hopefully it’s humming along.” and maybe its just me, but my mind immediately jumped to blow jobs. LOL may your relationship be blessed with many blow jobs…i apologize for that. i’m over tired

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