a little something i wrote about the rainbow mall experience today. i was writing it on the back of last week’s paystub and ran out of room, so it’s only about a half hours worth of thoughts. i got there at 11, left at 2.

the unemployed of WNY…

I’m sitting in a dark corner of an abandoned mall trying to read. It’s the kind of light that would make your mother say “turn a light on or you’ll go blind”

There are handfuls of people like me – educated recent grads.
There are the worn out bleach blond women – probably hoping to meet a sugar daddy if they get hired.
There is the guy sitting “next” to me – cross legged lotus positon – humming – as if he’s meditating – he has a mullet.
There are alot of mullets here. Even high class suit wearing mullets. How can I not get hired?

Three women chose to stand directly in front of me. The one keeps coughing on me.
My ass is numb. What I wouldn’t give to sit in a chair.

Coughing lady gave in and sat down. She said “I don’t know how you’re reading in this light.” She just opened her book.

Well it has begun – we all have numbers, yet everyone herded to get in line. They’re starting with 08. I’m 179….
That’s all i was able to write down. I ended up sitting on the other side of the mall, against the old esprit store windows. A canadian man befriended me. He works at casino niagara right now. Apparently alot of CN employees are coming to apply at Seneca. I asked him why, he said the money….24$ an hour canadian or 24$ an hour american…which would you choose? lol. he started as a dealer at CN and was promoted to supervisor, which was what he was applying for here. He said dealers make 24$. I ended up seeing some ex-Mc-co-workers there, and the girl said they’ve already started calling people for jobs. A friend of hers got a dealer job after going yesterday, starts at 40k….TO DEAL BLACKJACK! see THIS is why i want the job lol.

so anyway. went through the screening thing. 5 questions about customer service, and exjobs etc. the usual bullshit. the table training is unpaid, but also free…8 weeks long, and they have 3 times a day that they do the class (4 hours a day i guess), so I’d still have to work at hard rock or some place else until the casino opens…you know, if i get the job lol. I REALLY WANT THE JOB THO. you don’t understand how badly i want to be a casino dealer at this moment lol.

i had to pee so bad when i left, and was going to go to hard rock to use the bathroom and get some food real quick, but decided against it. should have, since river road is all being constructed upon and i’m always waiting in traffic there. i think they might be near completion tho, because now they’re repaving it. it was so weird, since it was raining, the newly paved parts were creating so much steam you could barely see anything.

and again, i’m sorta psychic. i was thinking nate probably called while i was gone, and i was going to be really pissed if he was calling to cancel plans tonight….well he did call, but not to cancel. he’s going to come here after work instead of going home, but before he gets here has to go get his car battery replaced. so his eta for tonight is around 7 apparently. i’m going to assume he’ll be hungry so i guess that decides what we’re gonna end up doing later lol.

trying to make plans to see danielle in november one weekend, but it’s all screwed up. mom is only going to let me go if nate goes (i guess she’ll sacrifice the whole us together alone in a room thing, for me not driving all that way by myself), and dunno if things are gonna work out because of his desire to take the first week in nov to visit college friends, and both of our job situations. he might not be leaving his job in 2 weeks, depends how much money he has by then…who knows where the next few weeks will bring me as far as jobs go…then i thought i had figured out that the 3rd weekend was good, could leave thursday night – drive halfway, and have most of friday, all of saturday at danielle’s, leave sunday morning. but i forgot adr and i have sabres tickets for the 15th….so nowwww….possibly thinking about going to the sabres game, leaving afterwards at like 11:30/midnight-ish…driving til about to drop dead, sleep a bit, drive the rest of the way. that would give most of saturday, all of sunday, and then leave monday…blah i just want it all to work out.

i can deal blackjack
casino please hire me
i’m a good worker

what do you think it means if you dream about a butterfly biting you? lol

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