i’m home. after 3 and a half hours of work. this blows. fucking sept 11th and no one traveling. i feel bad for the ppl who work tomorrow. thank god it’s not me. all i know is i’m asking every stupid question i can think of about sexual harassment at the meeting on friday to make it go as long as possible. cuz i can’t afford to have 3 shifts a week and have them only be 3 hours long.

it’s so friggen hot again, i was glad to be at work in the refridgerator. but nooo i have to come home where it’s…..88 degrees in my room. ug.

called nate from work to see if he wanted to do anything now that my entire day is free. i guess we’re gonna go do something tonight. i’d go waste film in love canal or something but it’s way too friggen hot. tomorrow it’ll be nice and cool for if i really do go to buffalo central terminal to explore.

oh yeah, somehow this thing got started at work, where we leave notes for eachother every day. i think nate is the one that started it, and it picked up from there by other people. larry is collecting them all to sell on ebay LOL. they’re funny…like well written garbage about how lonely we all are. well nate left a note for me to see this morning that was pretty funny. his note, and monique’s note to him from yesterday prompted me to leave a note for monique telling her that her parents are going to need to call up kindly dr so-and-so for her dental records cuz there will be nothing left of her face when i get done with her (cuz she’s sniffin out my turf aka nate). i hope the managers don’t find it and think i’m really serious LOL. monique won’t be there to see it til saturday LOL. it’s all in good fun, but all the notes could be taken in such a wrong way we’d all get in trouble probably LOL. good times good times. i left the note for monique today, and then “a day in the life of a hard rock host” documenting my whole 3 hours at work today haha. we’re dorks.


why am i in such a friggen bad mood again? i swear to god it’s the heat. when i went crazy a few weeks ago it was super hot, and since then it’s been tolerable. now the past 2 days, friggen hot again and i feel awful. i have to move to siberia. end of story. i’m thinking all kinds of stupid shit, and just making myself get into a worse and worse mood. fucking a.

i guess i’ll take this time to do the requisite september 11th post, a day early. i’m a rebel.

it’s hard to believe it’s been a year already. it’s like time flew after the initial shock of the first day/week/month. has anything changed? i mean really? hate to say it, but it hasn’t. no progress has been made in any direction fighting terrorism, protecting ourselves, etc. we have a half assed really stupid homeland security plan, that will never work. nothing has changed. no one has changed. does that mean that the terrorists failed? if their point was to destroy us, make us change, see our evil ways, did it work? no, their plan failed miserably. so i guess we have won. bravo.

there is a sept 11th remembrance ceremony at the high school tomorrow night. the sign struck me as amusing…remembrance. do you think anyone has forgotten? i doubt it. i wonder how long this is going to go on for…1 year…5? 10? is every sept 11th from now on going to have ceremonies and tributes and reruns of the footage? are the kids of my generation going to grow up feeling like they too were there?

i don’t know what i’m saying now anymore than i did a year ago. things don’t make anymore sense now than they did then. perhaps they never will.


i find some really interesting things on the internet
Cunningham’s Sanitarium – a giant steel ball hyperbaric chamber

all these weird memories from my childhood. one time, i think in the adirondacks again, we went to some museum..or exhibit…something…that was all about tuberculosis, and sanitariums that were up in the mountains. grrr wake up mom so i can ask you about this one too. this is why i’m searching for “sanitarium” on the web and found the above link lol.

while i’m looking for pictures of sanitariums, i drifted in my search to TB posters, and wow i found some fantastic ones. this made my day. why do i like this crap? lol oh wow this site is amazing. it’s the works progress administration posters page. all kinds of public posters from the 30s through 50s. haha this is so great. propaganda rocks lol.
click to see some of the good ones
let me do the talking
syphilis haha there are alot of syphilis ones
more stds
your blood is BAD
the cancer quack
ok this one might be my fav johnny’s not dull
oh and my favourites, civil defense!!
omg this is fantastic keep mum
be patriotic!
careless matches aid the axes
crime i just think that one is so nice lol.
ok no this one might be my fav die
more syphilis
i like how all the posters about diseases say to consult a REPUTABLE physician lol
god there are SO many posters about syphilis LOL
lol i don’t get it gas and whiskey
oh man alaska
this is what you get…
i LOVE this one hahah
man these war ones get me every time shut up
what about india?

i should be a historian. it’s too bad that if we went to war now we wouldn’t have cool propaganda like this…

right. my mom is funny.
mom: friends are visiting friday night
me: i’m going to geneseo saturday
mom: staying over night?
me: no, but dunno what time we’ll be home
mom: i dont like you driving all that way in the dark….who are you going with?
me: nate
mom: you can’t stay over night
me: haha i was waiting for that
mom: i don’t want to push anything on you
LOL what is she talking about?!?! lol

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