mothers day is this weekend. so i figured i should send my mom flowers or something. i just want to say, if anyone ever sends me flowers i’ll shoot you. HOLY EXPENSIVE!!!!!! who pays 60$ for a bouquet of flowers?!?! THEY’RE JUST GOING TO DIE!!!! and if you’re going to spend 60$ on me there are TONS of other things i could think of for you to buy me, besides flowers. and even the plants, that hopefully wouldn’t die in 2 days, are like 40$… JUST GO TO THE NURSERY AND BUY A FRIGGEN PLANT, PUT IT IN A POT!!!!! 15$! so yeah, i can’t afford any of these things…so i guess she’s not getting flowers.


i have a job interview at the account solutions group. they’re a collection agency. she said it’s very customer service oriented, all done on the phone and computers…yeah cuz i LOVE the telephone. she asked how much computer experience i have, and i said i’ve used a computer since i was 8 haha she laughed. she said they don’t harass people, they call and go over credit reports, and work with people as much as possible. it’s 8-12$ an hour depending on experience and education etc, and a monthly bonus. it’s 40 hours a week – required 3 nights a week until 10pm, required 2 weekend days a month, the rest of the hours you make on your own to equal 40. which would be really cool. cuz i could take whatever days off i need, and work like 15 hrs a day if i had to HAHA. but anyway…blah. the interview is the 20th, she wanted to do it monday but exams..or tomorrow, but class…so 20th now, which means it’s definite that i can’t go to cedar point with the house. i wanted to go but didn’t have the money really, so i was iffy on it, but now it’s settled, can’t go. hope they have fun.

last adolescent class today. we spent forever talking about cigarette ads, so we didn’t finish any of the other material. so now i gotta get it all from the book and blah. i should start doing the review sheet and studying so i can try to get 100 on the final. but… you know me, i won’t.


bill installed danielle’s cd burner today, and i got to try it out. the program he installed wouldn’t recognize her burner, and we couldn’t update the program cuz it said it wouldn’t connect to the internet so i installed something else for her. worked fine. burned tea party’s interzone mantras since i can’t afford to buy it at the moment. and so far it’s playing and everything worked.

got an email from my mom. i told her i’d be home for the interview. and she writes back saying how crappy of a job it is… like i didn’t realize that….and how it would be mindless drivel and i’d just have people hanging up and yelling at me… like i didn’t realize that. BECAUSE I ALMOST WANT THAT JOB!!!! she claims i’m too smart for a job like that, yet she thinks i’ll still be unemployed in november. well what the hell do you want me to do then? she said i should go to an employment agency.. well you know what kind of job they’re going to find me? the same exact kind of thing. so whatever. can i run away now and be a bohemian?

the dean of the college just sent out an email about jeremy’s death a few weeks ago. on and on about he’s proud of the way the school has responded etc, and that hopefully in time we’ll know what really happened to him. well that’s fucking bullshit. because there is NO WAY that what happened is still unknown. no matter how bad strong memorial screwed up the first autopsy, they know what happened. i know the family knows, i know friends of the family know… i know because i asked a friend of his and he said he couldn’t tell me. i’m tired of the school lying to everyone about what happened. just tell us already. and i’ll be gone in 15 days, and won’t ever find out. i think it’s important for people to know what happened, so it can be prevented or avoided next time.

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