well computer art is finished. i managed to print my projects out, sorta do a new one, print out my news letter, mount my 4 projects and burn my cd. so now we have to present our news letters on monday, and that’s it. poli sci is cancelled on friday, so i can sleep in for an extra hour…stupid research meeting, making me get up before noon blah.

i really need to go grocery shopping because i have no food. but i don’t even know what to buy. i know i need yogurt, bagels and cream cheese…and chip dip…and not actually any REAL food :P. i have hambuger and buns in the freezer i just always forget to defrost them… i have 4 hotdog buns but no hotdogs…a box of crummy chicken strips…and pasta. so i guess i’ll go see what i can get at aldi, try to avoid wegmans, and maybe go to campus store…i go there all the time and there’s never anything i want so i end up buying chips… hopefully they’ll have chip dip cuz aldis doesn’t.

head hurts blah. i emailed Shea’s yesterday to ask how they decide what shows get to play there. I asked so i know if i ever have a chance of seeing hedwig in buffalo (but i didn’t say that)…anyway. i got a response, and the guy liked my website. i sent the email without my url, so he must have just assumed since my email was a pc.com address, that it was my site and went for the hell of it. so that’s cool. too bad they aren’t like “we want you to come work for shea’s and do our website”…even tho their website is actually functionally cool, and uses flash in a neat non-annoying way, so it doesn’t really need to be redesigned.


since the macphisto society moved from pleba to it’s own home, i haven’t gone back to pleba much. but i went today because there was a story about a girl who met bono and edge today at the studio where they are recording. she talked to them, and asked bono if he knew about pleba and he said “scary girls!” (cuz pleba is the forum where girls can go and talk about how they wanna have sex with u2 lol)…LOL i just think that is so hilarious. i guess some ppl are a bit put off that he called them scary… ok but HELLO! I’d be friggen scared too if i was a famous rockstar and had all these hormonal women talking about what’s talked about on pleba (which isnt bad or pornographic or anything)…but i dunno. i don’t understand how people wouldn’t think that’s scary? i mean, i assume he’d be scared of the macphisto society too, and it’s not even bad…lol i dunno. whatever.


so the rolling stones are touring again. not playing buffalo. not that i really care. don’t need to see them again, can’t afford to see them again. if i won tickets i’d go, but they’re not a priority. but what is interesting is that on the tour they are playing 3 different kinds of shows…stadiums, arenas and clubs. and each is a different kind of show and set up depending on venue. so there are 2 toronto dates… one at air canada center, one at skydome…i found that very interesting. and it would be super rad to see them in a club, but yeah haha the chance of that happening is near zero (and not just because they are playing here…wouldn’t be able to afford scalper tickets after it sells out in 5 minutes). the previous tours they’ve always done a secret club day, announced the day it happened in various locations…one year it was in toronto, and aunt darleen’s friend happened to be walking by the club and just walked in. how amazing would that be?! another cool thing about this is…when we were at waterstreet on saturday, i commented to eric that i’d die to see nin in a club like that… he said “you know those dreams you have, keep dreaming” lol…but hey if the friggen stones can play clubs, so can nin. 🙂 some day…if i was in a band, oh say nin, i’d do random club dates in the city i lived in…it would be fun. or if i was the googoo dolls or something, i’d do a random club date at showplace or something, a few times a year.

this girl in computer art had THE coolest shirt on today. it was red, and it had a strip of velcro across it. it came with velcro letters so you could spell out whatever you wanted. i’m like omg so i asked her where she got it… walmart!!! lol so i was all excited i was going to go get one, but she said she got it a while ago :(…but it’d be really easy to make, just the letters would be a pain in the ass, but i’m going to look into finding some kind of fabric with letters on it that would look good…we’ll see.

i guess we’re going out to tom wahls tonight for dessert…i guess for danielle’s and my birthday, leah’s paying i guess. so yay! lol dessert!! and i saw the most beautiful people issue with apolo in it. yeah totally need a bigger scan of that, because it’s so gorgeous lol.

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