june 2001 – I was penpals with Bono from U2. We had been writing letters back and forth to each other. He said he was going to write me once a month while on tour. He sent me this one letter and he was telling me about this dream he had where he was looking for something and he couldn’t find it. I told him I had dreams like that where I couldn’t find where I was looking for. I was typing the letter and I realized that his dream is like the U2 song “I still havent found what I’m looking for” and I laughed.

june 24, 2001 – Totally disturbing dream. It was very movie like. I was at school, it looked more like a high school than college. Bono was one of the professors. Danielle and I were in the dining hall getting food, it must have been the first day or something because we didn’t quite know what line to go in, etc. There were lots of people there looking around for what kind of food there was. Then Danielle was like, this place is retarded, you can only get like 1 food item in each line, so if you want a whole meal you have to go in all these different lines. I cut in line in front of a bunch of people to get in line with Danielle for some kind of noodles. Then cut to next scene. I was (or it was more like a camera) was looking at the building, and there was this giant tree outside, right up against the building, almost like ivy, but it definitely was a tree. At one point the tree had been some big monster. Well it came alive again and it had a face like the scary old tree character that used to be in McDonald’s play lands that talked, or those talking trees in Wizard of Oz. It had a face, and it started moving the branches. They were like big scary arms. Well the arms/branches moved in front of one of the windows it was next to (it was inbetween 2 sets of windows). Some kids saw it move and they got scared. Then it went back to playing dead. Cut to some other scene I don’t remember. Cut back to tree. The tree then moved its other arm/branches in front of the other window. Now lots of people were realizing that the monster tree was alive again. It was only moving a little bit and then back to its original position because it needed to gain strength. Then it had gotten some strength back, and it smacked its right arm/branch into the classroom window and shattered it all over the students inside. Now people were way scared of the tree again. So the people near the window on the other side of the classroom decided to push the glass out of the window so that the tree couldn’t smash that one too, but when they were pushing on it a bunch of kids fell out of the window with the glass and died. Cut to a city street. There was a woman walking across the street. She was lost, or some how out of place in the scene. She was black, and she was in a black neighborhood. Well she crossed the street and there were 2 younger black kids/men standing there. They sorta frightened her, and so she crossed back across the street again. She was looking for directions or something, and she felt threatened by the 2 kids so she didn’t want to ask them. Cut to the tree again causing mayhem. Cut back to the woman, shes crossing the street again, and there is an old man crossing. She holds out her hand to shake hands with him, so she could ask him directions, but he pulls out a gun and shoots her. So she staggers in the street, and she has 2 bullet holes in her shirt.

By now in the dream I’m kinda scared, it’s nightmare-ish, very disturbing, so I think “insert Trevor”. So I try to make Trevor Hurst get into the dream somehow to make it not scary anymore. But it doesn’t work and it cuts back to the woman in the street shot. No one is helping her, and she is bleeding. I keep thinking “insert Trevor” but it doesn’t work. Eventually my alarm went off.

June 26, 2001 – Well I lived somewhere on the coast, near the ocean. I was going to school there, and I was friends with Bono from U2 but he was same age as me, and in college too. Apparantly we had some kind of relationship. We weren’t dating, but I guess we always wanted each other when we were drunk. And I guess we had slept together before. Anyway, we were at the beach, it was either dusk, or really cloudy, because it was kind of dark out. We were with a few friends. I don’t know if they were going to leave, or what, but I wanted them to stay. We all had exams to study for the next day, but I didn’t want to leave. So we went on this row boat, which was tied to the land, so we weren’t going anywhere, just floating on the water. We were talking about how we should go because we had to study, but didn’t feel like leaving. So we stayed on the boat, drinking I guess, because then I guess I wanted to leave with Bono someplace. Our friends wouldn’t let us go, because I guess they knew what always happened when we were drunk together, and they thought we were going to ruin our friendship and they didn’t want us to go. So we stayed on the boat, then this huge ocean liner came speeding up and was going to hit us. Since we were tied to the land, we couldn’t move out of the way so we were all knocked out of the boat.

July 29, 2001 – I was at a U2 concert and it was in like, a big gym. There was the floor, and then bleacher seats. Me and my friends had tickets, and we were in the bleachers. There were 2 stages, one at each end of the gym floor. So we were sitting there, then I was like, dude I’m gonna go on the floor. So I left them and went onto the floor which looked really packed, but I got up to the front and there was lots of room at the barrier. So I was like, ok then I’m standing at the barrier for U2. So they played a few songs, and then took an intermission. So I left barrier, and went back to my friends and told them I had been up front. I was going to go get something to eat and hoped that my spot was still there after I got back. So I went back up front and got my space, but U2 came out on the other stage to do the rest of the show. So I was like, wtf, i’m in the back now. But the entire time I was walking around I knew that they were going to play on the other stage. So I started walking to the other stage, and it looked even more packed then it did before but when I got up there, there was 10 feet of room between the barrier and where everyone was standing. So I’m like ok then, screw you guys i’m standing at the barrier. So I went up there and stood in front of Bono. Then there was this white trash mullet guy with his wife/girlfriend there and they started talking to Bono. Bono, between singing, was talking to them. Then Bono was like, does anyone have a camera? And I was like, yeah I do, cuz I had a disposable one in my purse. So Bono took my camera and took a picture of white trash guy and the girl.

August 30, 2001 – I was at a U2 concert. I was sometimes in the way back, and sometimes up front, and there really weren’t alot of people there. Supposedly I knew it was at Slane in Ireland, but it was in an arena, and Pam Anderson was there with me, among other people I’d gone with. don’t remember much of the concert, but at one point I went up to the front, which was a candy store counter, with the stage behind it, and I was watching the show with Adrienne. No one else was around except for the guy selling candy. Then Adrienne disappeared, and I was there by myself and Bono was doing his thing. Then he threw me a set of keys, this was part of the show, and I was supposed to know what to do with them. There were alot of keys on the ring. So then he’s doing his thing, and then looks at me and I throw the keys back to him, I guess that’s what I was supposed to do. Then I was in the way back again, and Pam Anderson was up onstage. She was part of something that was going on onstage. But I was jealous that she got to do it and not me. Then the whole stage changed, and all the guys in U2 were playing hockey on stage, and I think The Edge was in goal. But then I went up front again, and was watching them play hockey. They weren’t seriously playing, just shooting balls and stuff around the stage at The Edge. Then I became part of the clean up crew so I went onstage and was cleaning up the broken stuff, and the goals and pucks from the stage so U2 could come back out. I guess I thought I was going to be kicked back into the crowd, but I was like HELL NO I’m staying up here on stage, back stage and I’m going to meet U2. I also put one of the balls in my pocket, since it was U2’s hockey ball that they used. The head stage crew guy didn’t care that was back there, but U2 was no where in sight, so I never met them. I purposely had been standing in a place where I knew they’d have to walk by but never did.

September 9, 2001 – my mom had died. but no one knew. well me and my dad knew, and she had been burried, but i didn’t tell any of my friends or anything that she was dead. someone was talking about how awesome my mom is and i’m thinking, she’s dead, don’t you know. But no one knew she was dead, but Bono did. He came over to comfort me or something. Maybe someone brought him over to comfort me. So anyway, he started off sitting across from me, but then slowly he ended up next to me, and he had his arm around me and was kissing my head. I don’t think he ever said anything, I don’t think i did either. Then we were getting married. It wasn’t a big wedding or anything, I think just like at a courthouse thing. I’m there and I’m thinking, he’s old enough to be my dad. But I didn’t really care, it’s Bono! hello!

October 30, 2001 – i was at an outdoor concert. i’m not sure where it was. but it was supposed to rain so they had moved the concert from its original location to a place that was outdoors, but where the stage was set up, the band wouldn’t get wet if it rained. it was an orgy concert. i decided that i wasn’t going to go up front for the concert, i was going to go on the balcony, which wasn’t a balcony but it was my front porch and it was only slightly elevated so that i could see over the crowd. so orgy was playing, and jay gordon saw me and smiled. then throughout the show he kept gesturing to me and making motions where it was obvious he knew me. so there was a point in the show inbetween songs and jay started talking, and said everyone should turn around and look at me, because i had provided the totally awesome picture of Kirk. so everyone looked at me and everyone started clapping so i kinda bowed. this entire time, the members of econoline crush are sitting on chairs on the side of the stage as if they were on a talk show. and so i kept looking over at them too, and they recognized me as well. i guess they were on after orgy. so orgy finished, and the concert workers said they were moving locations again since it wasn’t going to rain anymore. so EC was like, dude, just let us play here, why move again. and i was like yeah, last time they played here it was 100 degrees outside, let them perform on a stage that’s in the shade. So trevor looked over at me talking, and he’s like Hi there, Sara right? and i’m like yeah, woah you know my name. and so i was talking to trevor who was still sitting with the rest of the band discussing what they were going to do for their show. so I said, you can play an all acoustic set, that’d be alright with me. i smiled at them and trevor and johnny laughed. johnny had cut all his hair off, like it was a brush cut, and i was like nooo i loved your hair before!! it was like, i was a very important person that entire day at the concert, everyone knew me, and i felt like i had the ability to tell people what to do. so i told EC again, that it’d be ok with me if they just did a whole acoustic set. and so Trevor gets a guitar and he comes up on the front porch and sits on the bench. no one else is up there with me anymore. so he’s like, well what do you want us to play, and I said Razorblades and Bandaids, and he’s like hmm, ok. I’m like yeah if you remember how to play it, and then he took out a lyric sheet and was going to play it.

then i was still dreaming, but it was like i woke up, and danielle was telling me her dream. i was really annoyed because her talking to me was making me forget my dream. so i was like dude, i gotta type this up on my site cuz it was so great. so then i went to type it up on my site, and somehow it turned into a U2 concert also. So i was typing out how it was a U2 concert, and that the 4 of them were sitting on chairs like they were on a talk show too. Then i was at another concert, which i guess was the opener for this whole string of concerts. It was a band with 3 people, and the song was familiar but i didn’t know who it was. At first i thought it was offspring, then i thought it was eve 6, but then as the drummer distroyed his drum kit, the announcers said it was Gob (?). then it was supposed to be EC.

and now i forgot the whole 2nd part of the dream, crap. there was a big part with u2, and another part with EC…crap. crap crap.

October 28, 2001 – me and bono and someone else were in my bathroom at home. I was filling up the bathtub, i guess to take a bath. i was sitting on the floor next to the tub, and bono was leaning against the counter, facing me. i don’t know what the other person was doing, i just know there was someone else there. then the tub wouldn’t fill up beyond a certain point, and i didn’t know what was going on. i thought maybe i didn’t plug it, but i did, because it wasn’t draining, it just wouldn’t fill up anymore.

October 25, 2001 – dream #1: something to do with bono. woke up sweating to death. i hate night sweats

dream #2: i guess me, carolyn, adrienne and danielle had done something that allowed us to get inside the arena for u2’s sound check. i guess u2 was playing a show there. so we were inside the arena, and the stage was all set up. we were in the back of the floor wandering around cuz nothing was going on yet. no one was there. i don’t know what happened next, i don’t think we ever saw the sound check. but i wanted to go towards the front, so i walked to the heart and was going to go backstage since no one was around. but then we were in the parking ramp with eric. we wanted to follow u2 to wherever they were going, cuz i guess they were leaving the arena. so i told them all to look for blue towncars with tinted windows cuz those were the cars u2 traveled in. there was no one else around us ever, and no cars, nothing. so then there was a blue towncar sitting there, waiting to leave the ramp. so eric, adrienne and danielle i think all went and got in the car…i guess some u2 members were in the car because me and carolyn couldn’t fit. but then there was a second blue towncar so me and carolyn got in that one. i guess there were u2 members in there too. it was strange tho because we were still by ourselfs, like everyone else was invisible and we knew they were there even tho we couldn’t see anyone. then we were all walking down stairs (me, carolyn, adrienne, danielle) to the outside of the parking ramp, i don’t know what happened to the cars. i think that we were suddenly standing outside the cars, not sitting inside them, and the cars left. so i wanted to follow the cars by foot, and that’s how we ended up on the stairs. i was sorta disappointed and sad that we had missed meeting u2. so i started down the stairs, and started singing “stay (faraway, so close)” and then carolyn, adrienne and danielle all started singing it too. so the 4 of us went down the stairs singing….then i was woken up by the tornado outside.

October 24, 2001 – again, i dreamed i was playing asshole with bono and edge. this time i knew how to play and they weren’t changing the rules on me. well they didn’t until the end. we were playing, and it was going good, and i had a whole bunch of cards i could get rid of all at once… i had 4 8s to play at once for a social, followed by 4 jacks for a social. then i only had 2 cards left, and apparantly once someone had two cards left, the asshole had to deal the cards out again. i didn’t understand what was going on at this point. edge must have been the asshole that round, because he started dealing the cards to us (there were four of us, i don’t know who the 4th person was) but he was dealing them so that each pile was being formed into a cross…

October 23, 2001 – i was playing asshole (the drinking game) with edge, and i think bono. there must have been other people there but i never saw them. since i still don’t know how to play asshole really, i was really confused. they kept changing the rules on me too, so i was getting even more confused. edge had put down 2 sixes, and it was my turn next and i was going to put down my 2 sixes to make a social but when i looked down someone had thrown down a whole bunch of cards. so i was like, wtf i said i was going to put my 6s down. edge was like no you can’t do that. and i was like why. i looked at the pile of cards and someone had put down 2 jacks and an ace, which apparantly meant i couldn’t do the 6s even tho i had SAID i was going to play my 6s for a social. Edge was like no you can’t play those cards. so i was getting really pissed off and grinding my teeth.

october 19, 2001 – i was someplace, i think on the roof of a big building. it was a fully furnished apartment, but it was on the roof. there was supposed to be a bunch of people there, maybe for a party or something, but the only 2 people there so far were me and dr kirsh my psych professor. so we’re talking, and apparantly he had interviewed u2 for some tv show..mtv or something…and it was before they had to do a concert later that night. so he was telling me about interviewing them, and how they were going to perform on the show. well mtv had planned for them to play 10 songs on this show, but bono was like, no we never do more than a 6 song warm up before a show. so the band refused to do more than 6 of their songs, but they said they’d do something else. turns out that u2 performed 2 songs that dr kirsh had written. so i’m sitting there amazed, while dr kirsh is telling me all of this. i’m like, wow, u must be super excited to have u2 performing 2 of your songs. dr kirsh said that yeah he was really excited about it, that edge learned the songs really quickly, and that they sounded great. so i was in awe of dr kirsh just because he had written some songs that were now being performed by u2. well then other people showed up to wherever we had been, so i couldn’t ask dr kirsh anything else about u2. then at a later part of the night, i went over to where dr kirsh and someone else was talking, and dr kirsh said to me that he had really enjoyed the conversation we had had earlier, and i agreed. it was strange, because it was almost as if i liked him or something.

October 12, 2001 – bono in drag, like an old woman, at an art gallery opening

october 3, 2001 – i was supposed to go present at some conference with 3 other people for some neuropsych thing we were working on. there were 3 girls and 1 guy, and the guy was Bono…so i was at my house with 2 friends packing for the trip. and i guess it was common knowledge that me and Bono had a thing going on with us, because my friend Danyell from work was picking out lingerie for me to pack since everyone knew me and Bono would be sharing a room at the hotel. the lingerie were so ugly though. i don’t know where they came from because i don’t own lingerie, but one was a long nightgown and it was purple and it had short sleeves, and a bunch of lace. it was really ugly, so i was like ok no. then she had this other one, which was exactly the same except shorter and blue. i’m like no i don’t want to wear lingerie. i didn’t understand how everyone knew about me and Bono sleeping together or whatever. and it was strange because i was my age, and he was his age, and he was in school with us, and it wasn’t even college, it was high school. so i had to drive to the high school to go to class because we were leaving for the conference right after school, and it was winter, there was lots of snow. so i was slipping and sliding all over the place while i walked. while i was in school my mom was supposed to drop off my luggage at my car for the conference. so after school i went to the car with my ex bestfriend angela, and my mom had left all my luggage out in the slushy snow next to my rear tires. so i was mad about that, and angela kept talking about Bono and i still didn’t know how everyone knew about me and him.

i got home from being away, apparantly at the conference. i decided i was going to go see my boyfriend, who worked at toys r us. apparantly Bono wasn’t my boyfriend. i had on my black zip up sweatshirt, and i was really hot so i went to unzip it, but then i realized i had no other clothes on under it, so i couldn’t. so i was going to go to toys r us which was at the summit mall, but i had to take my dad’s car, the miata. well it’s still all slippery and snowy, so i was trying to be really careful with the car, not to crash it. so i get to toys r us and i’m still really hot, so i keep wanting to unzip the sweatshirt, but can’t cuz i have nothing on. so i go into the store, and even inside the store there is snow and it’s all slippery. so i slide into this chain link fence that was put up inside the store. certain parts of the store were blocked off, because the store wasn’t doing alot of buisness and they wanted to make it smaller. then i went to find my boyfriend, who turned out to be Justin Timberlake from Nsync. so he was there working, and he hadn’t seen me in a while cuz i had been away. so i went over to him and he was happy to see me, and i tried to hug him and give him a kiss but he said he couldn’t because he was at work and wasn’t allowed to. but kept trying to anyway, and he kept telling me no he’d get in trouble. so finally i was like, ok see how it feels now? because apparantly i worked at ames and he’d always come to my store and try to be all affectionate to me when i was at work. i was just doing the same to him. so then i left, and i was so hot, so i figured once i got in the car where no one would really see me i could unzip my sweat shirt. so i found the car, and someone had parked next to it, but so close they almost side swiped the car. there wasnt enough space to even get the key into the lock. so i was like, what the hell am i going to do now, i can’t get in the car. so i pushed on the car that was next to mine,and it started to move, so i kept pushing the car until it was out of the way of the door, so i could leave.

November 25, 2001 – i was in a toy store xmas shopping and i had my baby with me. i guess the baby was around the age that it would start talking. i think it was a boy. so i’m walking through the aisles and talking to my baby, trying to get it to talk. i kept asking it to say “momma” and “daddy”…well it started saying “daddy” so i got all happy and excited and i called for my husband to come. he was in another aisle looking for gifts. so i yelled for him to get over here because our son was talking and i didn’t want him to miss it. so he did, and my husband was bono. so he took the baby and the baby kept saying daddy to him over and over. it was really cute

november 7, 2001 – i went to a party with Bono. we weren’t dating, but i was his date for the party. we were just close friends or something. anyway, there was this guy there who was an old high school friend of Bono’s. i really wanted to meet this man because u2 had written their song “out of control” about this guy (not true). so Bono introduced me to him, and I was all like, “ooh so you’re the guy? how do you feel about u2 playing that song live now?” and the man is like “at first i was kind of put off by it, but i like it, it’s good.” and then Bono interrupted and was like “yeah you can totally tell we didn’t design the set ourselves, so and so designed it. and i like how we changed the song to do it live?” and i’m like ok…and the man is like “yeah, so and so, haven’t you ever heard of the taliban?” and i’m like “of course i’ve heard of the taliban”

December 16, 2001 – i had to take my neuropsych final and we all had to go to someplace off campus to take it. it turns out the place we had to take it was a skybox on the 200 level of a big stadium. and of course, that night u2 was playing a concert there. so we were sitting at big round tables in the skybox, and people were entering the stadium for the show. i was super excited because even tho the skybox was high we had a good view of the stage. i figured out that i had 2 hours to do the exam before the show started. so we were working on the exam, and it was 4 people per table, we were talking, and had our notes out, like that was the normal procedure for our exams. then this girl from my class katie realized we were at a u2 concert, and since she had seen them in buffalo she was excited we were going to get to see them again. then she told me she had heard that for the show there tomorrow night, they were going to open up promenade seats (which apparently meant seats on the sides of the floor) tomorrow afternoon, and wanted to know if i wanted to go. so i said of course i’d go. so we were working on the exam, and our proff came over and saw all our notes out. she was like, you’re cheating. and i was like no I’m not, but then i realized that we weren’t supposed to have our notes out. we weren’t even using them, but it did look like we were cheating. she’s like, well why are all your notes out then. and i’m like, they aren’t notes for this class, they are for english, see…and i pointed to a word that would have never been part of our neuropsych notes. but she didn’t believe me, and was going to take points off my exam. or she said she could take 30 points off my paper. well i asked her what i got on my paper and she said a 40, so that’d leave me with a 10. so i kept trying to tell her i wasn’t cheating. then i was someplace else, and it was the next day and i was trying to find katie to get the seats for the show that night. i ran into my professor and asked her for my test and paper, and i had gotten a 90 on the paper.

there was also some part where we were all on an airplane and i realized it was Air Elevation, U2’s plane…

december 14, 2001 – a high school, or elementary school, was going to be showing the U2 elevation tour dvd on a big screen as a 1 year anniversary celebration of when U2 played at the school. it was open to the public, and anyone could go to it for a dollar. so i went, and i went by myself. the gym of the school was HUGE and it was separated off in sections, like a regular concert with seating. but this was general admission, first come first serve. so i was a section back from the front, and i keep seeing all kinds of people i knew from high school. then i realized joe and rick were standing right behind me but they hadn’t said anything. then they saw me and so i was talking to them, and the show started. they were shocked that i wasn’t really paying attention, i kept looking at people in the crowd to see if i knew more people. i told them i didn’t really like the song that was on screen so it was ok that i wasn’t paying attention. then i was in the back of the gym and it was back to being more like a school gym, with mats on the walls. and i’m sitting on the floor with adrienne and danielle and eric, who had all appeared at the show. i was looking into the crowd and there was like no one there. there was all kinds of space, and then i saw the stage. it was the heart shaped stage from the elevation tour. so i thought that was weird, because i didn’t know each venue got to make and keep their own heart stage. it wasn’t right though, it was really small, and it was really rickety like if you ran on it or jumped around it would collapse. Then bono was at the tip of the heart doing his thing, and i started thinking wow it really looks like he’s right there, this an amazing dvd. but then it really was u2, and they really were there. then everything stopped and people started leaving. they hadn’t finished playing the dvd, they just stopped it after 5 songs. i was really confused, and we didn’t know if it was an intermission or if it was over. so we went outside and everyone was getting in their cars and leaving, so we assumed it was over. but i was still really confused why they didnt play the whole dvd, and i said i was pissed because the 2nd half is better than the first half.

December 12, 2001 – i was at a convenience store with bono and someone else. marilyn manson was there too. i don’t know what was going on, but i guess marilyn was trying to make me into a devil or something. he was trying to convert us or SOMETHING. but i was getting really irritated at him, and he was getting irritated at me. so marilyn left the store, and i got really pissed off. so i ripped one of the glass freezer doors off of the freezer in the store, and ran out of the store after marilyn. i screamed at him that i was going to break the glass over his head. marilyn turns around, and is like yeah right. so i try to swing the glass door over my head onto him, and he just pushes it away and grabs my shoulders. then there was this deafining horrendous piercing sound in my ears, i guess as he was changing me into a devil. then bono hit him with something, which made him let go of my shoulders so the “changing” stopped, and we got away.

January 11, 2002 – i was bono, and i was in berlin after the wall came down, and i wanted to go to this cemetery in east berlin to look at the graves, and write things on them (?!?) so i kneeled down by this one grave, and was reading it, and was about to carve something into it when people started walking by. so i stopped because i didn’t want to get caught. i went back later to the same grave, and started carving a sentence into it (which i now forget, but it was something to do with love) and before i could do the last word, people started coming by. so i was trying to hide the screwdriver i was using, until the people went away but they were having a picnic next to the headstone. so i got up to look at the other graves, and come back to that one later but too many people were around.

February 9, 2002 – i was part of the superbowl halftime show with u2. it wasn’t like the real performance, cuz the stage was a circle not a heart, and not hollow. me adrienne and 2 other of my friends were running around the circle stage, cuz apparently this was part of the show. then at the end, we were in line for a meet and greet with u2. there were these square glass shelves separating all the people in line from u2 and the body guards and workers etc. my mom’s godson paul was one of the people working behind the glass shelves. the shelves came up to my shoulders, and this was so no one could attack u2. paul was handing out tshirts to everyone in line, for u2 to sign. then danielle was there, and she went over to paul and hugged him and wouldn’t let go. so paul gave me a shirt, and i went to talk to larry. larry didn’t look like larry really, but it was larry. so i give him the shirt, and he signs it. then i realize i have a camera so i’m like, i dont know if i’m allowed to take a picture but i am anyway. so larry looks up and sees my camera and smiles. so i’m thinking, the u2 girls are gonna love this pic of larry smiling. so then i go onto the next one, and it turns out to be Johnny from econoline crush. but apparently he was supposed to be in u2, and everyone knew this. so i’m like hi, larry still has my shirt. so then larry gives the shirt to johnny, and he asks for my name. and i’m like sara. and so johnny goes, hey bono, we got another sara. and bono (who actually was bono and looked like bono) said oh, with an h or without (something like that). and so i’m staring at bono and i’m like no H. and he’s like, oh, sometimes i just wanna keep putting letters on that name forever. so i was like ??? but i was just like, it’s bono, omg, i’m going to talk to bono next. so then johnny signs my shirt and he’s just staring at me.

February 8, 2002 – U2 was playing in buffalo at the football stadium. i had been telling people about how i didn’t have tickets, so i was upset, but i wasn’t going to bother trying to find any cuz it was going to be on tv. so it was the day of the show, and somehow i was there. i was sitting in one of the middle levels, on adam’s side of the stage. so i’m sitting around and talking to a person that was next to me. then suddenly we were on the floor, a few rows from the front, and we had seats near he aisle. the opener came on and it was kid rock. but he wasn’t playing normal kid rock songs. the person behind me was saying that she really didn’t enjoy this kind of music, and i had figured as much for some reason. then lindsay was behind me i realized, and there were other school age kids around, and they had to do some project where they needed a copy of the openers set list. people had been handing the setlist out to everyone, but they were all different. and then the songs that were actually being played were not the same as the ones on the setlist. then brian may came onstage and played 2 queen songs, and one imported freddie mercury’s voice to play while brian was playing keyboards. so the opener finished, and then i was back home watching it on tv. my dad came home and wanted me to do something with my car, look under it or something. and i was like nope, my concert starts in 4 minutes. then i must have had the wrong channel on because i missed the very beginning, and turned to it in the middle of the song. bono had on regular dorky clear glass glasses on instead of his usual tinted ones, so that was weird. then i was at a water park, but it was a beach. and it had pure white sand, and everyone was in white bathing suits. so i went in the pool and was swimming, then i got out to walk around. i guess i was in this other pool and i saw people giving kids water to drink out of the pool. that confused me cuz usually pools have tons of chlorine in them. i was walking back to the first pool, and there was an announcment about how these pools have a new method where they dont use chlorine, but that meant that body fluids in the pool would stay in there, or something, so that people needed to be careful about cutting themselves etc. there was a kiddie pool next to the big pool and it had been evacuated cuz the water was all brown. then i was home again watching tv again, and it was a show about U2 at an amusement park. they were showing camera footage of u2 on rollercoasters. they were showing this one coaster, it was red, and larry and bono were on it. larry looked like joshua tree era but bono looked like recent times, and bono was screaming but larry wasn’t. then i realized i was on the rollercoaster. so i’m shouting MOM I’M ON TV! and she’s like what? and I’m like yeah I’m on TV! so she looks, and they’re showing the footage, and sure enough I had been on the roller coaster at the same time, with all the neighborhood girls. but we were kids, so the footage was really old. i looked like i was 5. and since a bunch of 3-5 year olds were on this coaster with u2 it must have been a baby ride. then they showed footage of u2 on this water ride. there were a bunch of rubber rafts connected to eachother, that then went through a log ride type set up. but when the ride was going down the first hill, bono’s raft malfunction and became unattached from the rest, so he went flying over the hills on his own (all the rafts were supposed to detach after the last hill to go speeding off to the end). so it was really scary because he could have gotten really hurt cuz it malfunctioned.

march 2, 2002 – i was watching a parade, and i was i front of the crowd watching it. a float came by and U2 was on it. bono was playing bag pipes. the others were standing there holding bag pipes but not playing them. then the parade stopped to wait for something, so the float was right in front of me. i was super close to it, i could lean on it. so i was like yeah u2 is right in front of me! so bono was sitting there writing in a notebook, and he kept looking up at me, but it was like he was really shy or embarassed. then adam was next to bono and he started talking to me. he kept talking and talking (i dunno about what), and bono would laugh, and look at me. then i started wondering why the parade wasn’t moving yet. but then bono asked me for my email address. so i got onto the float, which turned into something more like a tour bus. so he gave me the notebook so i could write in it, and he had Sara PhD on the notebook and then space for my email. I guess i had a phd in something he was interested in (not psych) and wanted to talk to me more. so i wrote down my email address, but it was really illegable. so i was like ok i gotta write it again because you’ll never be able to read it. so adam was laughing at me i guess because i had bad handwriting. so i wrote my email address down again, even tho i couldn’t remember what it was, and gave it back to bono. then bono called edge and larry over to talk to me.

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