Adult fun

The political stuff just keeps getting worse. I can’t even.

So, lots of activities lately. Went to an Escape Room experience with J, Phil and his sister, and Winkleman…it was…HARRY POTTER THEMED! When I saw it existed I knew Phil and I had to go. You didn’t actually need to know anything about Harry Potter to play, but it did kinda make it more fun for us. The room was decorated super nice, in the theme, so it was neat. It was kinda hard to get started, we had some issues, got a bit annoyed at each other, but once we got going it was fine and we “escaped”. We want to do some more, and there are lots of places like this popping up.

Buffalo Bloody Mary fest finally came yaaaaay! I was excited. Jeff managed to find a ticket on fb, so he came with J and me. 10 bars provided samples, and there were some food samples (maybe could have used more food). It was a good time. Full write up on Bloody Queen City. ¬†We went to Left Bank after for brunch, since we didn’t really eat at the fest. It was good, hadn’t been there before, but by that point we were bloody mary-ed out, so I didn’t try theirs.

Adam and Jory came up for me and Adam to go exploring. That was a giant fail though, but I think that deserves another whiny post. Got dinner, hung out at my house, no big deal but it was a good time.

Coming up J and I are going to see the BPO play Bowie. My mom thinks it’d be lame, I think it’ll be interesting. And we got the tickets on their leap day sale so it was way cheaper (not sure I’d have paid full price). The next day will be our last Sabres game of the year with Phil, and Porter and his fiance, since the Sabres are once again not making the playoffs (as expected…but next year, watch out. The way Eichel and Reinhart are gelling right now, so awesome).

And I’m trying to get a group from work together to go see Avenue Q. Got about 10 people interested, we’ll see who actually pays. I’m bad at getting groups together.

I’ve been trying to get into running. I reached that point in my weight where I always said would make me start doing something about it, like going to the gym. Only I’m lazy, and even though I have access to the gym at work for free, I don’t want to drive there mid afternoon to go, and I don’t want to stay after work at 4am to go…so running. No real equipment needed, and no need to go anywhere to do it. So I started a Couch to 5k app in the fall. I didn’t think I’d be able to do it, AT ALL, since I was never active and always shuffle walked in gym class LOL. It ended up going pretty well – until it got cold. I never need a big excuse to not be active, so the cold worked well haha. But now it’s getting nice again and I’m trying to restart it. I’ve managed to run 22 minutes straight, but I am not matching the distance I’m supposed to be at in those 22 minutes (2.25 miles). Whatever. J says I’ve got good form, so that’s good. Just going to keep at it (but not today LOL).

Been thinking a lot lately about how I miss the old internet. Might write a thing about it later.

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