I was at a bar with cassie and trent reznor showed up, apparently he worked there. he was behind the bar walking around, and his wife showed up to talk to me. we were like, barf, eye roll, and everyone else is like, she’s so hot. but they were talking and he clearly was so happy it made him look so super hot. so i was like fine, i’ll accept her and let her stick around if it’s going to make him that happy and that hot looking. so she left, and trent started talking, cuz it wasn’t work, it was some kind of fan gathering. and he was talking about his kids and how he never thought he’d like to have kids but how great they were, and again, he was clearly happy. then it wasn’t just a bar but also a kitchen, and he grabbed some food to start cooking. and we were like holy shit, trent is going to cook for us. cuz apparently trent was previously trained as a chef, not a pianist. everyone realized something crazy was happening and started taking photos etc with their phones, but we weren’t because we knew it would piss him off and we didn’t want to do anything to get in trouble and miss out. i did post on facebook though that trent was about to cook for us. we got steered to this other area to find seats for dinner. it was going to be a random selection of people who got to eat what trent made, cuz there were too many people for him to cook for everyone. the rest of the people got to eat what his team of chefs were making. people were still on their phones. so security came in and picked cassie and 3 others to leave and i was like oh no! i didn’t know what she or the rest of them did wrong that they got asked to leave. but then i thought maybe it wasn’t for bad things, but maybe for good, like they knew she was a foodie. then security picked me out and used me as an example to the rest, and told me to empty my pockets and surrender my phone, cuz they didn’t want anyone taking pictures of the food. so i did, but didn’t see the point in emptying the rest of my pockets, cuz i had money and chapstick and ibuprofens, but they said no i had to empty everything. people still didn’t want to surrender their phones, but if you didn’t, you didn’t get dinner. trent came out and said what he made and what the other chefs made but even in the dream i couldn’t remember what he said, so when they started serving, i didn’t know if i ended up with trent’s food or not.

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