the tea party – lockport – 8-24-12

another local tea party show, at lockport again like last year. only they changed things a bit, and while it’s still a free show, they moved the VIP section to directly in front of the stage. so if you want to be close, you have to buy VIP tickets for $22, which include one drink. it’s not really a bad deal, i’d gladly pay $18 to see bands i like. this time i took Jason along with me, as i love to spread the tea party love, and even though it’s not his style really, he enjoyed it and thought they were quite good (which made me happy haha).

it was the usual set list from them, which is sorta disappointing, but in the end they always put on such a good show it doesn’t matter. i’m pretty sure the only differences from last year were opening with “the river” instead of “writing’s on the wal”l (making it the first time i’ve gotten to see the river), an intro into “sun going down”, and a new hendrix “all along the watchtower” and led zepplin “stairway to heaven” mashup inside of “save me” instead of…whatever they were doing last year, “i love you” or something? joe said they skipped “correspondences” again, as well as “shadows on the mountainside” which would have been great to see even if it’s not a fav song, it’s something different. they also left out “zahira” before “halcyon days” and “release”. also “the last goodbye” cover was in there somewhere, maybe before “the messenger”, but i’m not sure.

The River
The Bazaar
The Messenger
Fire in the Head
Nobody’s Fault But Mine / Sun Going Down
Halcyon Days
Save Me
Heaven Coming Down
Sister Awake

Kate had texted earlier in the week to get together after the show, but i never heard from her that day. happens that we ran into her as we were leaving, so we ended up going to hang out at her boyfriend’s house for a while afterward, which was fun.

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