dream: i was going through garage sales, and found one at a house with really old people, so i figured they’d have good stuff and they did. i found 2 members only jackets that for some reason had Tillie from the Palace in Asbury Park on them. One was purple, and was actually a Pittsburgh Steelers jacket, but the arms were all small Tillies. I can’t remember what the other jacket was, but I think Tillie was on it too. I was taking pictures of them to send to Leighanne, and the old man yelled at me. I was going to buy the jackets but they wanted $85 each.

i was doing another long bike ride with jasen, it was practice for the ride for roswell, and i was doing pretty well. i had made it to like 67 miles, i’m not sure how long it was supposed to be but i stopped to rest and when i started again i was too tired, and it was getting dark so i didn’t want to continue.

then i kept dreaming about telling leighanne about the tillie dreams, and i was going to tell her how she should get a denim jacket and paint Tillie on the back of it. in the dream i kept thinking tillie had a football head like the Zoobaby or Stewy from Family Guy, and then I realized that no Tillie has a very round head.

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