dreamed the carlos lived next door to me again, and we were kids. their father had converted them to scientology, so i was at their house trying to get them out of the cult. i was talking to mrs carlo and the girls about just leaving, and they were all wishy washy about it. i kept asking how they could believe in such a cult, and every time i said “cult” i’d yell it real loud. mr carlo came home tho, and didn’t like that i was there talking to them about this, but i kept asking how they could possibly believe in it, and he’d start going on with some brain washed prepared speech. i tried to ask mrs carlo how she could believe in it since she was a catholic. i finally grabbed the girls and ran outside, and was like “yay let’s play outside” which they weren’t allowed to do anymore. mr carlo was really pissed now but for some reason did not come after us. so we were running on my front lawn, and i was trying to make them remember what it was like to be a normal kid not in a cult. so i was like, remember when we used to spin in circles until we fell down and had to be carried to the “hospital” (the other side of the lawn), and then i suggested we play hopscotch. so we went to my garage to find chalk, and stacey started drawing the most insanely complicated hopscotch board in the world. i was trying not to offend her, so she wouldn’t run back to the cult, but i just didn’t understand all the parts of the board she was drawing. then i thought she was cheating, so i was asking again how the board worked and she did get offended and stormed off back home. i was like nooo let’s draw a traditional hopscotch board, so me and lindsay started drawing it, and were just hoping that stacey would come back and leave the cult again.

i realized in my real adult life that i don’t remember what the point of hopscotch was.

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