dreamed i went to watch an olympic event, because sarah was competing in the trapeze… LOL i guess she also needed a ride, so i went to watch her on the trapeze, and jory was also somehow part of the act but he really just hung on one of the bars and didn’t do anything. during her act she was hanging upside down and had a wardrobe malfunction and flashed everyone hahahaha. so after she was done i was waiting around for her to show up so we could leave, and there were a bunch of babies performing for the crowd, just entertainment not one of the events. i was wandering around and then james was there as a sports photographer so i went to talk to him and he asked if i was there to compete and i laughed at him. he said, well it was only $300 to join so he thought i might have given it a shot. more wandering around and i realized it was even more boring to watch the olympics in person than on tv, cuz it took so long between events.

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