wtf kitty!

i was woken up at 6 am (granted an hr after i went to bed) by the most horrific noise i’ve ever heard come from a cat. kitty was not in my room, and i seriously thought something had killed him. my first thought was, someone is in the house, kitty was trying to warn me and got himself killed and i’m going to stupidly go out of my room to look and get killed myself (yes this is how i think). i turned the light on and called really loudly for kitty (because of course that would scare the crazy rapist serial killer away) and kitty made this horrible screech again. turned on hall light, go into kitchen and kitty is not dead and no one is there, but he is freaking out at the window with a low guttural growl and hissing. so maybe the serial killer is on the back porch, crap, he’ll see me now. i looked out to try to see what was out there, and finally i see this really pretty golden cat on the steps. i knocked on the glass door to scare him away but he wasn’t scared (he must be someone’s cat), and tried to pull kitty away from the door but he wouldn’t go just kept growling and hissing. finally the other cat started to leave so i went back to bed.

seriously, this was THE WORST noise i’ve ever heard. it really must be what a cat sounds like when dying. it scared the crap out of me, so after all this i go back to bed with adrenaline flowing and my heart beating like nuts. i’ve heard a lot of cat fights too from the Murphy days, but this was unreal. and i don’t know why he did it…the other cat must have been around before, there were paw prints in the snow in the winter on the porch…maybe he tried to come through the glass and freaked kitty out…hopefully that’s the last time.

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