U2 “Fez” review

FEZ – Being Born – ….an intro that echo’s “let me in the sound” from boots…then a weird change into something else…more echo…another SEVERE change into the song. And more Bono yelling OOOOOH jesus christ ENOUGH! Think of something else! The music is very pretty and listening in the car I realized it sounds just like The Unforgetable Fire! You can almost sing the lyrics of the song to this music. It’s nice.

Grade: C as it stands now…if they had just broken the 2 songs up into 2 songs as it was clearly meant to be it would have been much better. It would have made sense. Fez could have been a nice interesting, even if short, instrumental to follow “boots” the way A Perfect Circle did with “pet”, it would have worked. And Being Born is a very pretty piece on it’s own and in no way is improved by the Fez intro. Put together like this just sounds weird.

tomorrow, white as snow.

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