well it appears i don’t have a whole lot to say the last few weeks.

christmas. spent christmas eve with my parents as usual. no detroit this year even though i was off of work both days. parents got me a 19″ hdtv for my bedroom and a roomba. ha kitty doesn’t seem to like the roomba. he watched it for a while but when it turned towards him he took off. i guess there will be no roomba riding for kitty like that youtube video. shame. christmas day adr1 and i had dinner with my parents and just hung around. i think. christmas doesn’t mean a whole lot to non religious adults.

ended up having new years eve/day off as well. amazing! eric and tiffany invited adr1 and i over, so after hitting up the mall and dinner at fridays we drove out to rochester and finally got to see their house. only took 2 plus years haha. just a little get together with lots of hockey watching and just hanging out. the drive wasn’t bad at all, just a little snow on the way there. new years day adr1 came over to watch the chicago winter classic and the sabres game. lazy lazy.

i guess the biggest thing is that i’ve been having chest pains most nights since about thanksgiving. it’ll start hurting before work, hurt all through work, and hurt til i go to bed. then it started happening during the day too, so presumably not stress. had a drs appt yesterday where they did an ekg which the machine said was abnormal but the dr looked at and said was fine. i do have some very common abnormality, right branch bundle block or something, which doesn’t cause problems. but i have to have a chest xray and echo next week. as i was leaving he came out and had looked up side effects of my antibiotics…even tho i’ve taken them for 2 years or so, they can cause pericarditis so he said to stop taking them for a week, take 3 ibu-800s a day, and see if it stops. not taking it last night seems to already have made a difference, so maybe that’s the problem. of course stopping them is going to make my face break out 😛

and my car is still not fixed. haven’t heard from the guy since xmas (yes i have his number but haven’t called him either). now everyone thinks he’s going to screw me over. i don’t care that much about fixing it, but i know my parents will get on my case if i just let it go and not fix it. i’m certainly not paying for it, the car is 7.5 years old and it’s really not that bad. or maybe buy one of those as seen on tv car paint repair kits hah.

sabres played early today and now i’m tired. supposed to explore tomorrow with alex and maybe chris. i hope it’s not frigid. then more boring life. winter is slow haha

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