i decided i hate our governor. his list of new taxes is pretty ridiculous. an “obese” tax of 18% on non-diet beverages…um i’m not fat, if i want to drink high sugar crap i should be allowed to without paying an extra 18%. tax on farmers who own cows..$175 per cow because they fart and produce methane. farmers don’t make money as it is and now you’re going to charge them for each cow they own?! tax on downloaded entertainment like music and movies. tax on sporting and entertainment tickets. we pay enough surcharges already, fuck you! another .25 gas tax (on top of .20 we already have making our gas prices higher than other states). then of course, my employers are livid because he wants the natives to charge taxes to white cigarette buyers on the reservations (they, in turn threaten to put toll booths on the expressway through the rez, and charge $20 per car…i’m waiting for the tire fires to start up again haha). tax on cable and satellite tv…cuz we don’t pay enough to them yet either. and i can’t find it in the news, but jenn said he is going to cut funding to education, and cut homeowners STAR rebates. thank you mr patterson.

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