dream: i was at work, in the old section – pit 3 or 4 – and i was apparently a floor supervisor again. trent was playing black jack in the next pit over and had a problem with his spoon….he had a spoon and something was wrong with it. apparently i had a spoon too, and he kept mentioning me to the dealer because he wanted to borrow my spoon…he left to rejoin the tour, and people were telling me he kept talking about me and arrangements were made that next time he came in i’d be the one to deal to him. so he did come back in, and my job was to make him soup…so we were in some other area, that had a stove and i was asking him how he liked his soup, with a lot of noodles or not, and he just shrugged. so there i am making chicken soup for trent, when i have no idea how to make soup. i just broke up noodles and put them in a pot to boil, and added chunks of chicken, assuming there was broth someplace. so he left again, and i kept trying to think of ways to impress him, so i decided to give blood. even tho in real life i vowed to never give blood again after they took it from me when they shouldn’t have. so i went to the blood bank and was waiting in line. i guess it was closing time because i never got called, and went back the next day. again, didn’t actually give any blood and then i was at home with my parents who were both sleeping because they had given blood and were tired. then trent showed up again and was like, i was at a store and i saw a pot with alot of holes in it (maybe a colander?) and it made me think of you, because maybe you have a lot of little holes in your surface that i can try to get through to reach you, and he gave me a hug.

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