i got some weird compliments recently.

1. a girl asked me if my eye lashes were real. um yes. she said they were so dark and long she thought they were implants. you can get eyelash implants? yes apparently, she had it done in NYC…really expensive. it’s more like eyelash extenstions than implants, they glue like, caps, onto your lashes and they last a few months.

2. these 2 black women said i looked like that girl from top model, we had the same hair. and i said, oh the one who just won yeah we have the same hair. they were like, and your face too, you look like her. no thanks, i thought mckee looked ugly and scary when she smiled.

3. i was called sarah palin again, and i said please don’t call me that. and they said, but she’s a very pretty lady, and i said but she’s an idiot so that’s not really a compliment to me hahaha

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