so…blah i like this boy at work. and it just can’t happen. too many problems. but i keep dreaming about him and it really needs to stop.

in the end, i only had 1 trick or treater so i’m very glad i didn’t go and buy more than one bag of candy. i didn’t carve a pumpkin but it got smashed anyway. there was quite a lot of pumpkin debris on the street when i got home from work. i ended up being michael jackson for halloween, i remembered i still had the thriller jacket at my parents house. it went over pretty well, though i was surprised at the number of people who didn’t know what i was…some people got it right away, and other people would ask if this was what i wore to NIN shows…um i think if i went to shows dressed as MJ i’d get beat up. i took some bad phone pics and threw them up on facebook. real cam pics turned out badly, and i didn’t feel like doing proper self portraits.

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