ugggh politics

“Palin leaves open option of war with Russia”…seriously? so tell me, if mccain drops dead before November, but gets elected, she becomes pres right away?

my dad thinks you should have to take a short test, maybe even one question, before you are allowed to vote. because all these fucking morons who are going to vote for mccain because palin is “hot” are going to doom us all to bush part 3…i will respect anyones political opinions if those opinions are based on some solid fact, or are at least rational. but i hear so much shit from people that is so completely irrelevant as a reason to elect someone it makes me sick. not sick, really fucking angry. one guy at work said he likes palin because she’s a “rebel”…excuse me? “rebel conservative” is an oxymoron. how is she a rebel? he couldn’t say. i mentioned that she’s a governor of an entire state with less population than WNY, and he just pointed out obama was only in the senate for 2 years (wrong, he was elected in 2004, began Jan 4, 2005). he went onto say that we haven’t been attacked since 9-11 with republicans in office – yes because that is the EXACT reason we haven’t been attacked in the last 7 years. i even said, how is that at all relevant, and he didn’t answer me. i’ve given up trying to have educated conversations about politics at work because all these republicans just attack me with things like “oh you’re a liberal you must support the terrorists” and “i love war, it’s awesome”. republicans/conservatives will never change my point of view, but it would really be nice to meet someone who knows why they believe the things they do and can have a rational conversation about them.

i should say, i failed my dad’s example question “who are your state senators”…but my vote, in ny, doesn’t count anyway hahah.

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