NIN road trip (again)

in philly. took me almost exactly 6 hours and not the close to 7 as predicted by the directions. the hotel is not as bad as reviews made it out to be. the tub could be cleaner, but otherwise it’s fine. it’s almost inside the airport lol. i was starving when i got here so i left right away to find food. accidentally found the venue, about 7 min away. but couldn’t find food. kept driving down broad st, people park cars in the middle of the road, still no food. finally saw a mcdonalds but no parking and all these sketchy people outside so i kept driving a bit but no more food. wtf. turned down a side street and into bizarro land of miniature streets that are all one way and look the same. all i wanted to do was turn around back to the hotel. the neighborhood reminded me of that marky mark football movie though haha. back toward the hotel, took another street, 84th or something that looked promising to have some food. nope. ok there were chinese restaurants about every 5 feet, but barf. wtf philly, don’t you have mcdonalds every 5 miles like the rest of the world? turned around again in a weird neighborhood, back toward the hotel. finally went to ruby tuesdays which was inside another hotel near mine, i hate eating at a real restaurant by myself though. the waiter gave me a free pomagranate lemonade to go with my change 😛 lol. wish he had put some vodka in it.

watching the democratic convention. i hate politics. can’t wait for the election to be over for another 4 years. oo old school american gladiators hahah.

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