tour plans

planning for this week…we’re staying at the super 8 in groton ct, 15 miles from mohegan sun on thurs night. i used hotwire, which was very stressful. had no idea what we’d be getting before hand, but it’s cheap. looking up reviews now that i know what we’ve gotten, some say it was absolute crap and had roaches, others say it was great. may bring my own towel tho….

i desperately need to get out early tonight as eric is coming over very very early tomorrow for going to toronto. the weather has potential to be crap and storms all day too which sucks…hopefully we can sit inside at air canada center like during the november 05 show.

and that reminds me, carolyn maybe you can help. british friends are visiting in a few weeks and want to go to toronto for the day. what do tourists do in toronto besides CN tower? cuz after that i don’t know where to take them hahahah. 2 adults and 2 children, and me. i’ve never really been a toronto tourist… ideas welcome.

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