urbex visit

David came into town for the day on his way to NYC, and since it was nice out (and hot blaaah) we did some exploring. Hit up the battery factory and north office, 2 places i’m not sick to death of and he hadn’t been to during previous trips. i don’t think much changed at either since august, tho possibly some more collapses at battery. at some point while at battery i got another bug bite, right ring finger. it is swelled up like a sausage, was purple for a while, and i can’t bend it completely. i took some benedryl but it didn’t help. i told my mom and she wants me to go to the hospital if it gets worse because it might have been a brown recluse bite and that i should stop exploring because its dangerous. LOL of all the things to worry about while exploring – collapsing floors, asbestos, toxins, police – she is now worrying about bug bites. i suppose if i wake up and my hand is the size of a baseball mitt i’ll go to the hospital. but now, hours and hours later, i do think it’s a bit less swollen and i can bend it a tiny bit more than i could before.

met jenn and mary for dinner after their gun permit class. had some good pizza with hot peppers on it. yum. had a few drinks and david got to hear all the casino drama hahaha. we have tons.

looking at a few houses tomorrow, and work at 8. art show at the terminal this weekend but i dunno if i’m going to make it there or not, a bunch of stuff has come up that i need to get done. i was there wed afternoon returning and going through the merch we have left and i killed my knuckles. so one hand has a sausage finger, and the other bloody knuckles. i’m a mess. just no more passing out. oh did i mention that? i almost passed out at work again on monday. great.

trent announced the final tour line up. that rich fownes guy is out already as bassist, wonder what he did, and some knew guy who apparently played with beck is in. in the rehearsal photos he has a big fro ha. and the tour name is “lights in the sky over north america 2008” which makes me think of 2 things…ufo’s and an extraterestrial theme, and lazer floyd hahaha

too hot in here, and humid cuz there was a storm. no ac in my room yet and the ceiling fan makes clicking noises. blah. why can’t it just be 60 degrees forever.

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