The Slip

went to the dr today and got a shot in my hip. now i can barely walk. thanks dr! i had to leave work at midnight cuz i just couldn’t stand it anymore, and literally couldn’t stand. arg

so i guess i’ll do my review of “the slip” now that i’ve spent a week listening to it, mostly in the car.

1. 999,999 – instrumental. reminds me a bit of “pinion”, in that it has a noise that builds through the song.
2. 1,000,000 – my favourite song on the album, which is a bit odd since it reminds me of “the collector” and “getting smaller” from with teeth. also i realized in the car last night that it reminds me of david bowie. it doesn’t really sound like any bowie song i’ve ever heard, except maybe the drums – they’re a bit like “rebel rebel”. but i dig this song. i can definitely see this being performed live.
3. letting you – the beginning of this one reminds me of the beginning of “you know what you are” from with teeth. the drums are similar, just with a few beats left out. it’s alright. it’s grown on me alot. political lyrics.
4. discipline – i like it. it is reminiscent of “only” from…with teeth…ha. it’s got that sped up “billie jean” type beat to it. it’s dancy and fun, nothing super profound.
5. echoplex – i think the beat was a preset on my casio keyboard back in 1984. at first i thought the song wasn’t so bad but i realized tonight that it really irritates me. and it’s the beat that is irritating. at the end when the beat stops, i really like it. perhaps i’ll download the multi tracks and make my own version without the casio keyboard bit.
6. head down – again the beginning beat reminds me of something. i can’t quite put my finger on what, i almost want to say “march of the pigs” but it quickly goes away. i like the chorus much better than the verses. chorus lyrics are quotable.
7. lights in the sky – sounds like the quiet song on saul’s niggy tardust album (don’t know the name of it). it’s all i keep thinking of. very quiet song, singing, piano. i see myself getting tired of it quickly, especially if performed live.
8. corona radiata – instrumental. too long. somewhat boring…or rather just uninteresting. sounds like science fiction, add a theramin and it’d definitely be background to an alien/ufo movie. already fast forwarding it
9. the four of us are dying – instrumental. i like it much better than the previous one. definitely has a ghosts feel to it, could possibly be an outtake.
10. demon seed – like the music for the most part. guitar has a ghosts feel to it as well, and it could possibly be taken from one of the ghosts songs. i can’t quite tell. i like the “chanting” end.

after a week of listening i’m finally starting to get into it. it’s definitely grown on me, but it took longer to get there than with teeth did. there’s something missing, i don’t know what. it doesn’t really fit in with nin’s catalog. i don’t see a progression from “year zero” to “the slip”, where i can see a progression between all the other albums (well maybe not PHM to broken hahah) to me it just doesn’t feel like a nin album. it has a nin sound, but then again it has the sound of all the openers and other indie/little known bands trent listens to mushed in with nin and i’m not particularly fond of that. oddly, to me it has a more aaron type guitar sound, than a robin type. i don’t think it’s anywhere close to trent’s best work (perhaps he needs years between albums instead of months/weeks), and i don’t know how much i’ll listen to it after this initial discovery phase ends. i can’t really picture myself being in a “nin mood” and putting this album on. i’ve never been one to want every album to be the same, for them all to sound like “the downward spiral”, but…there’s just something about this that doesn’t feel right to me. and i do want “year zero 2”, the complete picture about that world he created. i’m still convinced it’s recorded and out there – he kept talking about having a 2nd new album ready to go back during the spring performance 07 tour, which we know was not “ghosts” (recorded earlier this year) or this album (recorded the last few weeks). this was a nice surprise, but i’m hoping it’s a temporary distraction.

now that robin is back with nin, i wonder if we’ll get more fragile instrumentals live. i’d love to see “the mark has been made” again. any of them really…another presale tomorrow, but just one. hopefully it goes better than last week.

off to army crawl to bed. so much pain!

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