FINALLY a storm worth having a storm warning for. over 2 days we probably got about a foot, besides the 3-5 foot drifts. last night is the best night of the year at work – daylight savings, where we move the clocks ahead and i get to work only 7 hours but get paid for 8. except that, because of the storm, grave shift had 45 call ins – which is pretty much THE entire shift. so panicking that we were all going to get stuck working until noon, i signed to get out early. so i actually only worked 6 hours. i didn’t want to leave early, i wanted my 7 hours in, but i just couldn’t risk staying overtime that long. my car had about a 4 foot drift on one side, and 3 feet on the other. i almost didn’t get out of the space but i managed. roads were pretty good though, snow covered but plowed so you weren’t driving through 5 inches of snow. robert moses parkway was almost only 1 lane though because the right lane had so many drifts you couldn’t drive in it. my driveway however had snow above the front of my car.

i’ve realized that i make alot of bad decisions driving in the snow – like passing people in the unplowed lane. thankfully the results have not (yet) been disastrous.

but yay for me, my land lord decided to snow blow the driveway for only the 5th time this year at 11 am. it wouldn’t be such an issue except he snow blows it onto the house, thus onto my bedroom wall and it’s very loud. yesterday i was able to fall back asleep easily, today not so much. so i had to sleep later, now it’s quarter to 4 and i haven’t gotten ready for the day yet, and i have to go in early to help mary with toke committee stuff, so my day is pretty much wasted. no working on the hoodie today.

looking at 2 more houses tuesday, one as a courtesy to my agent but i’m not really interested in, and one on ruie that is new on the market, looks very nice despite wood paneling inside (whoever thought that was attractive, even in the 70s, is beyond me), and probably will go quicker than i could get mortgage approval if i end up wanting to buy it (and also has an asking price higher than i anticipate getting approved for, but oh well).

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