mary – most likely 99% ditching the EC show. the venue is retarded. i emailed them to find out time and price, no response. heather emailed them, and they told her to “google it”. WTF. tried asking the band on facebook and myspace no response. so i’m not going up there with no clue about the show. they’ll be around 300 more times.

weather = shit. i only worked 2.5 hrs in attempts to avoid the worst of the ice on my car. had some cocooning my car, broke my scraper (tho it’s still usable thankfully), but made it home. i was scared to end up in a ditch because i didn’t follow my parents advice in always having at least a half a tank of gas in the car in the winter. had i been stranded, almost on empty, i would have froze to death before a tow truck got to me hahahaha. must get gas tomorrow.

tomorrow brings sabres game, dinner before hand at pearl street. thursday is 1% chance EC show, 95% chance shopping with jenn in the afternoon. and if the 99% non EC show happens, most likely doing my taxes.

*waits for the power to go out*

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