halo twenty six

having finally gotten the ghosts package through unofficial means…almost done listening. so much makes me think of david bowie, or perhaps brian eno (tho i don’t know any of eno’s own work, just with bowie). i have a bowie cd of instrumentals of regular songs, all saints i think it’s called, and that’s what i keep thinking of.

the pdf credits list the label as “the null corporation” which i find amusing for some reason. it doesn’t appear to be a real corp, so i find it funny that they felt the need to list a label at all.

the photos are nice…nothing to write home about. i really think rob is so completely overrated by the nin community. anyone can take live photos using the burst function, and the book photos are just location…beach…desert…sky…in studio…blurry, whatever. but i still can’t figure out what iv:32 is, which was posted on the blog a few weeks ago. the one i like the most, for some odd reason, is ii:18. it reminds me of the passenger concourse ramps.

so the album…it’s all instrumentals so what can you really say. there are definitely stand out tracks – don’t ask me which they are lol – and some that are very repetitive (i can think of one from part i) that i’ll probably skip. it’s very chill, will be good background music for get togethers where you need some noise but not necessarily anyone screaming at you (which is what i use all saints for as well). i could use more piano, but that’s me. some say parts sound like old albums, but except for very few tracks i didn’t really hear it. iv:34 definitely sounds “fragile/still” era (piano!), but most sounds definitely “now”. it sounds as trent described, soundtracks to daydreams, scenes…a movie that doesn’t exist. i wonder if it’s something he put together for a year zero movie that is supposedly in the works (or is maybe no longer in the works, hence the release). who knows. all i can say is that it was a great surprise, and hopefully there are more surprises to come.

and now i await my REAL download to work, and the delivery of the special edition in may (sent to my parents house in case i move by may haha)

*edit* is it really possible that the full album torrent on pirate has 6232 peers?!?!


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