time to bitch about the weather.

when i was a kid, i don’t remember there constantly being winter storm warnings issued when we were going to get 2 inches of snow. now, again, i was a kid, i didn’t pay that much attention. but even in college when i checked the weather every day to know what to wear to walk to class, i don’t remember there being constant winter storm warnings every time it was going to snow. i swear, every day now, i look at yahoo weather and there is a warning from the national weather service about snow. IT’S WINTER, it’s going to snow sometimes and we don’t need a storm warning every other day for an inch of snow. besides that, almost every warning they’ve issued so far, has ended up being wrong and these “storms” have not produced what they were supposed to.

now all week this weekend was pegged to be a massive snow storm, with 15-20 inches of snow, and high winds on sunday for blizzard conditions etc. it was supposed to start snowing saturday night, so that there would be 10 inches on the ground by the time i got out of work. there was about 1″. then we were supposed to get another 10 inches by the time i’d wake up on sunday…there is about 6″. it’s barely snowing, and they claim we’ll get another 6″ by 7pm. right.

thank you national weather service for scaring the crap out of everyone about a major storm, and having it not really occur, again. i’m wicked disappointed, and tired of the constant wrong warnings.

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