Pittsburgh urbex

While the “Steelmark” logo only contains the word “Steel”, the Steelers were given special permission to add “-ers” in 1963 after a petition against AISI. thanks wikipedia

anyway. got very dirty and it was extremely hot, so we found a hotel, got clean, and went to see the simpsons movie. I give it an A-. needed more ralph, tho his 2 lines were pretty fantastic haha.

day 2 didn’t go as well. we left the hotel and headed to the Dogma Church – the one in the movie. unfortunately, it was boarded up pretty tight, and the 2 people who were loitering didn’t seem interested in making an entrance for us hahahahahahah. so plan b, a state hospital. only the place wasn’t abandoned, it was half active on a huge piece of property. we were pretty quickly apprehended by security, dan had to turn over his film even though we hadn’t taken a single picture. the double bummer on that one was that it was like an hour and a half drive from the city through lots of construction. ah well. at that point we weren’t too far from an old amusement park, Idlewild. I had found it while looking for a Mystery Spot on the east coast, and they had one. so we headed over there. this is one of those parks that have been around for over 100 years and have tried to keep up with the times, but not quite making it. it’s like a Fantasy Island, but actually smaller with less rides. it did have quite a fabulous Storybook Land – very VERY similar to the Enchanted Forest in MD, just not abandoned and turned into a strip mall. rode the 2 “coasters” and walked around the park, got dinner. all the little kids liked dan’s mohawk. after the park we decided to head back, and ultimately all the way back home.

here, hot, work tomorrow.

also, the nin setlist for the moscow show included “the great destroyer”. oh dear god. i will not be able to hear that song live without cringing and/or laughing. haha

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