ha this has to be a joke. NHL schedule for next season…one… ONE…home game on thurdsays. WTF! 11 on wednesdays that I could go to, 14 on fridays that Phill could go to…but ONE FUCKING GAME ON A THURSDAY that both of us could go to. *shakes head* don’t they know?!?! haha

had a nice day exploring with ian/dagr despite scraping/brusing my arm to hell exiting the first location. i guess that’s what happens when dropping off a roof forward instead of backward like normal people. i can’t help it, i need to do things face first! i would have scraped my face the other way!! haha got dinner at the freedom fries diner then headed to transfig. no go. more fencing, boards. difficult way still there, but we decided to climb cargill instead. good idea, great lighting. sat on the roof for a long time before heading back down. i had laughed in the morning because when i woke up it was raining, and it seems every time we make plans to explore it rains. luckily all the rain came in the morning and it turned into a really nice day. 75 maybe instead of 95. lots of photos to go through. hopefully good ones.

also. i’m glad that i don’t weigh that much, and my friends are all stronger than me. because this is the 2nd time in recent explorations where someone has lifted me onto a roof hahah.

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