nin, translated and retranslated

seriously. this is amusing me to no end. so for my own amusement….i continue

– permits the fact, that the holiness which permits the thing which is pierced is polluted, as for me, who permit the fact that you violate the damage
– with my all existence, which I like and obtains with God, the close animal inside, we would like to have sexual intercourse
– where as for me, with you, I have lived on the wood inside my stomach, which can be rubbed
– due to God, through all forests we would like to have sexual intercourse

“the becoming”
– and the blood stops the pump in order to make me rot
– you do not think that me who bound by my with the string murder
– but to elbowroom while being possible
– everything am bad is damaged hiding in my rear, I feel

– me me, where I swallow with the fire, am your rescue person of degradation

“down in it”
– you can be concerned that my eye where method, at this point in time, looked at me excessively long
– everything which is not liked under any condition
– it crawls because now it can amuse
– but as for the needle of weight of my eye, and the all worlds, there is already my back section

-Dream you need you me where you hate me the pulverization where I turn off me the being broken eye which is lost the sexual intercourse which is used for damaging the discovery which is tasted

“gave up”
– me look, you took, you took, my remainder which you took and is broken to the part which is broken with respect to my everything which is broken
– Being covered with desire, and the vaseline which are not known because I who was broken and am broken
– you burn with the organizational decrease

– only factual quality in order to kill that entirely
– to see am old and am well known
– did I who damage by yourself become something?
– for the second time I maintain by myself I find method

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