deer car

the estimate on my car is $2141…thank god for insurance haha. i think they’re replacing both doors (turns out the rear door has a big dent and scratched paint from a hoof possibly, couldn’t see it at the time since it was, you know, dark out) and the front panel, and whatever else may have been wrong underneath. should be finished next wed…which makes me want to rent a car. it’s a pain having to rely on everyone for rides. i feel 16 again hahah. but now gas is $3 a gallon instead of .98 so i feel bad about mooching. like tonight, meeting at the terminal and mike is going to pick me up. but it’s super out of his way considering he has to come back to NT from work, then go back to the terminal, so i feel bad. hey maybe he’ll let me rent his porche for a few days 🙂

but at least it’s not totaled and i don’t need to buy a new car.

also the state police called me and left a message. at first i was like, wtf…i didn’t talk to the state police about hitting the deer, it was city police. and i thought, omg, they don’t believe me that i hit a deer, they must think i hit something else like another car or person since there was no blood or fur on my car….but it turns out he was just calling to renew my gaming license for work. ha.

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