return of the geese alarms

guess what i did today? the unthinkable. i climbed cargill with adr2. we didn’t quite intend to do so but…there we were, on the top top roof, dancing to year zero. and filming stupid videos on our phones. haha. we found THE most perfect spot for the art show…but of course, cargill has no stairs so that’s a bit of a problem if you want people to SEE the show. but yeah. totally have a new fav urbex spot. haha 2 of them at cargill.

and the return of the geese alarms. ok cargill stunk really bad. and the first thought we had was, we’re gonna find a body. we didn’t, but it smelled very bad. climbing through the marine stacks, and through the building, then back…on the way back what happens, but adr2 almost runs into a goose again. it started hissing at her and she started running. just like at great northern. omg so funny. we both swear that the goose wasn’t there protecting her nest the first time we walked by there. but there it was, and it’s mate was in the water below and we were just waiting for it to fly up in our faces.

but anyway. somehow climbing the stack came up, and she gave it a shot, up one flight, said it was easy so i tried. and then we were at the levels where there are stairs again. then the floor at the very top of the storage bins. so pretty and peaceful. great view. then up more sort of stairs and rusty ladders etc etc. and i found the perfect piece of wood on one of the roofs for an idea i had for the show. score! there was a scary moment that wasn’t so scary though…adr2 went onto the small roof, or well tried, a bunch of concrete crumbled to the ground below, scared the shit out of me. hahah. the roof was fine though, the concrete came off of the window. 🙂

great adventure, great view of the city. finally did it, never thought i would. legs are wobbly now, and my hands hurt from hanging onto rusted railings for dear life. or should i say they are now ex-foliated haha. hooray for tetanus shot

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