Meeting for the First Time

Today brought FINALLY meeting Pierre (aka Luis), my friend from Mexico City who I met on compuserve 12 years ago. Didn’t really think it would ever happen, but yet it did, and in a country neither of us are from. In the end we both thought the meeting went better than expected. We actually both thought we’d have nothing to say in person and that it would be weird but it really wasn’t at all. I expected him to be shorter and sound mexican, but he was tall and he sounds just as American as anyone, leaning a bit toward sounding Brit. David and I met him in Camden Town and I did my shopping trip through Camden Market buying a few cool new things. A very cool place, I wish we had things like that near me or even Toronto. We walked forever, I forget all the places we went. We had lunch at a pub, then went to Harrods cuz Pierre thought they’d have Pez haha. They didn’t but it was cool because I didn’t really remember much about Harrods from the first trip 11 years ago. They have this sort of lame memorial to Princess Diana and Dodi in the lowest level. As far as memorials go, it wasn’t as nice as it should be I think.

What else did we do? Went to Oxford circus to shop more, ended up at Hamley’s toy store, which amused me because that is where MJ went 10 years ago when I was here with all the mj friends. Found some Pez there, so at least Phill will get something, though I think they’re not too great. Also Covent Garden, with raher uninteresting street performers, and more shops. More walking, eventually going to Liverpool area to see Jack the Ripper’s haunts without taking the tour. Pierre was a great tour guide, telling us that “something happened here, the tour always stops here” haha. We went to the famous alley, and by “Jack’s Pub”. The pub sold absinthe and I felt like I should have some, as wretched as it is, just because I could hahah. We didn’t go in so no absinthe (thank god). Walked more, got tea/drinks someplace, then wandered back to the station. 9 hours later, said goodbye and David and I headed back to the hotel. Alex had gone on a day trip to Stonehenge etc and didn’t have a key, so we thought he might be waiting for us.

On the way home we got on the wrong train, ended up missing the only stop that we could switch at, so we got off at some station to back track. Kevin called and I don’t do good on the phone to begin with, especially not walking, so I stopped to talk. Then we all get kicked out of the station because of a “reported emergency”. First thought, bomb. I thought of Jerry being on the tube when it was bombed, just in a different area. So everyone was ushered out and standing around at street level waiting to see if they’d open the station up. We had no clue where we were and how to get home. It was cold and eventually asked how far the next station was, then walked to it. Got back to the hotel just fine after that.

Long day of lots of walking, so lazy night in.


Also I forgot in the first concert post: During Piggy Trent has a spotlight below him, which he picks up and goes into the crowd with, shining it in everyones faces. I think Trent’s been watching old U2 concerts too much. First the going on stage with the house lights on, then the other Bono things from summer that I commented on but forget now, and now copying Bono’s “Bullet the Blue Sky” routine. Nothing wrong with that though 🙂

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