Departures and Arrivals

Observations from the flight and recap of Day 1

JFK Delta terminal – ridiculously dated looking with lots of mirrors. And almost $8 for a slice of pizza and a gross snapple iced tea.

Alex and I were such nerds, we had almost a 3 hour layover and nothing to do. I remembered I had left the NIN DVD in my laptop before packing, so we watched it. And tried not to sing along and rock out and be too fangirl/boi.

Temperature in London, 54F, heat wave!

Dinner on the plane was better than I remember it 10 years ago, but then again I wasn’t such a microwave dinner expert at that point in my life. Pasta with salad and a cold roll etc. I should have taken a picture of it in the tradition of my father but it was too difficult to get my camera out at that point. My “Single Serving Friend” next to me offered me his cheese spread….

The airplane first claimed they’d be showing us Dreamgirls, but instead we got Rocky Balboa. Yet another sign that Adr2 should be here with me!!! I looked up at the screen once and did a double take cuz Sly Stalone looked just like Jeordie haha. The airplane also showed us a commercial for the CIA, and Criss Angel (woo!)

We arrived in London on time I guess, though it took a long while to get through customs and then longer to get our train ticket. By that time our luggage had been round and round on the claim belt until they were taken off and just waiting there for us. That was nice and less stressful for me.

Gatwick Express brought us to Victoria which then brought us to Edgware where we are staying. The guy who sold me my tube ticket at Victoria thought I was Scottish?? I said no, Canadian 🙂 Anyway, Edgware is an Arab neighborhood with lots of little grocery stores and electronic stores. The hotel claimed to be 400m from the underground station. 400m my ass! We got stuck in a rain shower walking to the hotel. David was already there and we ended up running into him as we walked. That was about 10am and we couldn’t check in until 2. We stowed our luggage away and left to waste 4 hours walking around the neighborhood. Discovered a small farmers/street market, got some cool socks, and stopped at a greasy spoon type restaurant that sold something called “bubbles”. Overtiredness kicked in and we were really silly and retarded. Alex had a moment thinking that the pepper was brown sugar. I had my own moment later when we passed a Chinese acupuncture herbal medicine shop and Alex said there were 25 pound massages – I thought they were massages that made you lose 25 pounds, not massages that cost 25 pounds. We walked forever, by Regents Canal full of house boats – David called it a trailer park of house boats – to Paddington station and back, into some art deco antique stores to scout for the terminal, etc. Finally checked in and crashed.

Up and out again around 8:30 we headed “down town” to Picadilly Circus so Alex could see London’s Times Square. Wandered around and ended up going by a Hard Rock Casino – a combination of my last 2 jobs, I had to go in. Except it was members only. But it was free to become a member. Very small place but excellent reuse of an old theatre space. We got some food there, then wandered some more. Ended up finding Chinatown, then ended up in Trafalgar Square, continued walking toward Big Ben and Parliament. Along the way we passed Downing Street. Definite increased security from 10 years ago, but much less than the White House, where you can’t even walk by it 4 blocks away to look at it from across a huge lawn. In front of Parliament there were 4 tents set up with protestors who have been there for 6 years. We talked to one of them, named The Ant, who was a quite interesting fellow. His arm was in a cast and shattered from escaping from a holding cell in Oxford and falling a few stories, all while trying to protect trees. Now he’s up in London as a part of this war protest and planned to stay there for a while.

Far too much walking, and it was late and the tube ended up shutting down at some station where we didn’t know where we were, so we cabbed it back to the hotel. Very Very VERY long day.

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