ice storm

so yeah. the ice storm continued through monday, and when i left to work my driveway was delightfully icy. i was barely able to back out. i head to work – and as my txt entry said, i almost hit a telephone pole and a tree all in one skid. i was driving just fine, then suddenly the car is ice skating…toward the pole. crap. brakes and steering were absolutely useless. i don’t think i’ve ever slid that much before. somehow i get traction enough that i stop going toward the pole and start sliding into the opposite side of the road, toward a tree. and throughout this whole thing, not a moment of panic. just reacted. and i did honestly think “i can’t crash my car or i won’t have money for europe” haha. then the tires took hold and i continued to work. i was half hoping to end up in a ditch so i wouldn’t have to go in haha. it was very slow, but oddly it went pretty quickly.

after i got out i thought, i have to go shoot in this weather. so i drove home, took my drugs, got the camera and drove back toward work – there was a really pretty tree on the property next to our parking lot, and there was a frozen flag down the street. have you ever shot a frozen flag in the freezing cold? it sucks. so it doesn’t flap around in the wind, but it still moves arg. stupid flag. maybe i got some interesting shots. anyway. the flag was really odd, as it moved in the wind and hit the pole, it sounded like a sheet of metal! very cool. spent about an hour down the falls way before coming home.i think the theme of the shoot is “couldn’t quite get the picture right” haha. and it wasn’t the best idea to start fooling with options like ISO and white balance when it’s freezing out.

i sure am glad that i turned the heat on as i do when i get home from work, before i went back out shooting. because as i was washing my face the power went out. fabulous. well at least it’s 71 in here and not 60 (yet), because who knows how long it’ll be out for. unfortunately that means no fan on, which means no white noise to drown out the screaming in my ears and the cars going by. it’ll be interesting sleeping.

apparently my parents lost power some time last night or earlier today. this power outtage made my dad finally buy a generator.

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