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quote of the day
little girl behind us at the sabres game: “mommy, where’d that toothy guy go?” hahahahahah

a bit behind. i spent the new years weekend on the high limit roulette game, spending fri and sat of the 3 days with tony. we had a good time, friday i actually had players, sat not so much. and after the previous 8 hours talking all night, you kind of run out of things to say. so we started a list. it began with just a list of players we’d shoot or save when we finally go postal and shoot up the casino. but then we realized there is a grey area of people who are sometimes ok and sometimes heinous. so we created the wound list, just shoot them in the leg or something. and then we realized sometimes shooting a person just once isn’t enough, so we added the shoot twice list. sadly, there weren’t too many people on the save list, even after tony went through his notebook of 1000 player names. it was a good time. the list carried over into sunday with the other people i worked with. it’s amusing that depending on the person’s “main game” we all had the same players at the top of the lists haha.

anyway. new years eve was very slow for me, only 1 player, so it was the most uneventful new years eve of the last 4 years. yikes. i’m starting my 5th year there. never really thought that would be happening. ah well.

went to lunch with adr and kate on sunday. we tried to go to the new cheesecake factory cuz i was craving cheesecake badly. it was super busy though, so i got a piece to go and we went to jack astors instead. pan bread, so good.

today brought the early afternoon sabres game, where the above quote was overheard. so great. another win for us. traditionally the sabres would stay after the new years game to sign autographs, but they didn’t this year, of course. phil was bummed cuz he’s trying to get everyone’s autograph on a new jersey to give to a friend of his for his bday. they did give us calendars though, kinda neat. work was deaaaad. i didn’t turn a card all all 6 hours.

i’ll do the obligatory year in review post tomorrow. happy new year to everyone.

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