happy thanksgiving

my early thanksgiving memories all involve elementary school, with the teachers and room mothers making a thanksgiving feast for the whole class. we always learned about columbus, and then the pilgrims on the mayflower. we always made construction paper turkeys by tracing our hands and cutting out different color “fingers” to make the turkey feathers. and in the early years, for the feast we’d always dress up in costumes made out of paper bags, more construction paper, and of course lots of paste. to be fair, i guess, all the kids had to draw pieces of paper out of a hat that either read “pilgrim” or “indian” to determine what kind of costume each kid made. i always wanted to be an indian because they made fun paper bag vests and construction paper headbands with feathers. but i always always always was a boring old pilgrim. with a stupid white construction paper apron and stupid black construction paper hat. i hated being a pilgrim.

still waiting for eric’s obligatory turkey cartoon post…

in other news. phill and i had sold our hockey tickets for yesterday’s game vs toronto a week ago. i got a call today from the kid i sold them to, and apparently when he tried to go to the game they scanned as “invalid”. wtf. they took him to the accounts office and treated him like crap, and told him the tickets had already been sold on the sabres “replay” system which allows season ticket holders to resell the tickets they can’t use. basically they said there were already 2 people in the seats, and that his tickets were invalid. of course i’m sure this kid thought we screwed him. i talked to him on the phone and he told me the story and i’m just like wtf, because we’ve never used, and haven’t even signed up for, the my replay system on sabres.com. then it dawned on me, someone must have pulled the scanned tickets image off our ebay auction and printed themselves a pair of tickets. and in that case, what the hell is wrong with the arena ticket people that they couldn’t tell the difference between badly scanned and printed fake tickets and the real ones. i guess the bar code would still scan, but COME ON! i have to meet the kid to give him his money back, so we lose out on that $150 plus the actual cost of the tickets since we weren’t able to actually use them. we’re going to go down to the arena and be like wtf give us a refund. but if the mistake is on their end, and they have our account marked as invalid for some reason, we need to fix it since we’ve sold almost every other game too. we’ll find out tomorrow if the kid who bought the montreal game tickets gets denied. gah. i’ll be so pissed.

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