arg. my next electronics purchase, after the camera is paid for, and after europe, is going to be a GPS. because i apparently am completely incapable of following directions correctly and getting to where i need to go in a simple manner. i left my house an hour early to get to the meeting with russell and a developer, and i end up in lafayette square, and not ellicott square. and drive around downtown in what can barely be called rush hour, but was trafficy enough, trying to find the right building. i called mike and he wasn’t home, and i called adr2 and she didn’t answer. while on the phone with my parents trying to look it up on the internet i accidentally found it. just in time. arg. no more of this!

these “truth” commercials about cigarettes are usually pretty good, and this new one i just saw is the best. 2 guys singing a song about tobacco and the singer has a stoma and uses an electronic voice machine thing.

anyway. ellicott square building is beautiful. i’ve never been inside. really stunning. meeting went well.

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