so i just got the entire week off of work. my 3 bereavement days, plus my 2 normal days off, and this weekend off for tony’s wedding and nin show in saratoga. ha not going to detroit until wednesday too. i don’t understand. when my grandpa died my mom was freaked out and yelling at me and i had to tell her to fuck off (seriously) because i didn’t want to go to detroit with my parents to sit around and do nothing for 2 days before the viewing. this time i volunteered to go tonight, and she said no just come wednesday with my dad. ok then. only 1 day viewing, and funeral thursday. i get off friday instead of another 10-6 shift yay! but my god, our scheduling boss, who i thankfully don’t ever see cuz she leaves at like 5, is such a fucking bitch. i tell her my grandma died, and she goes “who are you.” wtf. it’s only been 3 and a half years. she said i have to bring in proof of the relationship… not an obit, not a death certificate, proof of the relationship. what, do you want a fucking family tree? wtf. bringing the death certificate, worked last time.

my bank has refunded about 375$ so far of my identity thefted money. waiting on 4 more transactions to get fixed.

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