the orphanage. it’s a nifty little place, but not huge amounts to see. and the main problem is that it’s very boarded up, thus very very dark inside. not too many photographic opportunities, and the ones that were there were still so low light that it was tough. esp since i went all digital again, and the noise was incredible, and most every picture is blurry. but i took a picture of myself in a confessional. probably the one and only time i will ever be in a confessional. the chapel was cool though strangely boring for a catholic church. the structure’s not in too bad of shape although sean fell through the floor at one point. 2 of the buildings are exactly the same, classrooms littered with desks and random furniture, but…too dark. didn’t go in the basement much, too dark. and too old and creepy. and given the location of the site, if there was going to be a dead body anywhere, it’d be there. the gymnasium building was neat, not completely dark haha. power building accessible as well.

after we finished there we did a quick trip to spaulding. so the reznor heater is now mine! after all the time ian and i spent at spaulding, and now that i got the heater, i have no real reason to get back. checked out pretty much everything now, and nothing really caught my eye that i missed the 1st trip. i’ll still go with whoever is interested but…no real need to do so. as far as industrial sites go, i still prefer carbos-sil for some reason, and keep going back.

will post pics tomorrow or monday. helping mike work on the floor at the terminal tomorrow, and some photographer is coming to look around. possibly doing a sound check for the voodoo dollies for the movie premier too but i’m not sure. it’s best to schedule everything on the same day, so i don’t have to keep going there. did anyone think i’d ever say i didn’t want to be at the terminal all the time? hahaha i just have other things to do, like sleep…

right, was supposed to go to danielle’s grad party today, but i came home from exploring and slept for 4 hours instead. and i don’t feel bad about missing it, because she continues to blow me off while she’s home…so whatever.

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