and we’ll shine like stars in the winter

my GOD was this show better than wednesday.

we didn’t head up to toronto til adr1’s plane arrived, and we got up there around noon. we ended up being in line behind the same woman we were behind on wednesday, who is named sandy. talked with her alot today, which was cool. and we were maybe 10 feet behind where we were in line on wednesday. they had already split the lines up – and this time, since there had been no presale for this show, you could be in the line without having presale tickets. great, i left my membership at home thinking we couldn’t use it. good thing kate and lei had their’s, cuz you were allowed to bring a friend. so that allowed us to be much farther up in line than we thought when we first saw it. nice. it rained all day, and was chilly. eh whatever.

so doors open, lei scans first and takes off when she didn’t get into the ellipse. my ticket scanned for inside. i was probably the least enthusiastic about scanning for inside the ellipse ever, cuz it didn’t really matter to me. but i took adr1 inside with me, and we ended up barrier right in front of edge. nice. kate was outside on adam’s side, and lei was same place as wednesday on the outside. let’s find the setlist…

City Of Blinding Lights
Electric Co.
The Ocean
Beautiful Day
Miracle Drug
Sometimes You Can’t Make It On Your Own
Love & Peace Or Else
Sunday Bloody Sunday
Bullet The Blue Sky
Miss Sarajevo
Where The Streets Have No Name
One (w/Daniel Lanois)

The Fly
With Or Without You

All Because Of You
Fast Cars
Out Of Control (with 4 fans playing, band took over at end)
40 (with adam playing guitar and edge playing bass)

ok i wanna say, bono was way friggen hot tonight. haha. his voice has sounded pretty good most of the time, especially considering he’s doing a bit of opera. daniel lanois came out at the end of “one” and took over bono’s guitar, which was cool. he’s still dorky tho haha. “the fly” was much better tonight than wednesday. bono had way more energy, way more of a stage presence, almost like zootv bono. it was hot haha. “fast cars” 2nd time ever playing (first time was monday), and it was way cool. it’s an extra track on the new album, if you bought the special book release. very very cool. nice mariachi dancing from bono and guitar from edge. i’ll say it again..way hot haha. where’s the cardboard?! haha of course, out of film by that point cuz i forgot my digital and went and got a disposable from lei when i got barrier inside. oh well. “out of control” was a nice surprise, and they brought up 4 guys who had a sign that their band wanted to play with u2. so they started the song and then u2 took over, which was awesome. “40” was great, as they weren’t going to play it, but bono asked the rest of the band if they could play one more. so they did that, then one by one left the stage, larry being last. it was a really nice way to end the show. apparently there were cameras taping the whole show, as reported by lei, but adr and i only saw them up front filming the audience between songs once, and then onstage for “all because of you” and “fast cars”…bono said something about us being on tv. i dunno what that was all about. it’d be nice to see a video of fast cars, cuz…it was hot 🙂 from “No sooner had the band caught their breath than director Lian Lunson – she of
the acclaimed Leonard Cohen documentary I’m Your Man,
premiered in the city earlier this week – is up on stage with a film crew. The
band are playing Fast Cars again, only the second live performance ever (Don’t
laugh!’ says Bono) and it is being committed to film. (Who knows what for ?
Guess we’ll find out soon enough.) The director gets a kiss on the cheek as she
takes her crew off stage and it’s a time for celebrations – this being the
eightieth birthday of the one and only BB King.

oh yeah. before “yahweh” bono starts talking about how it’s somebody’s birthday…bb king’s birthday. so at this point everyone starts freaking out that bb king is there, and that they’ll play “when love comes to town”. bono’s such a tease. but it was bb’s birthday, so bono CALLED HIM from the end of the ellipse and everyone sang happy birthday to bb. he definitely needed my horns at that point, macphisto throwback moment. haha.

oh, and yeah i got a guitar pick. it’s black with a shiny red target on it. it’s either from the tour, or sold by Target stores hahaha (that was a joke).

yeah. i don’t have much to say about the show, but it was just so much better than wednesday. the little add ons, the (slight) change in set list, it was just better. i’ll still be pissed if they play something from pop tomorrow. the idea of calling in and going up again tomorrow passed through us, but rumor is tickets are running 500$ from the scalpers. yikes. i can wait a month til detroit.

in other news, adr2 decided to go to san diego for nin. she text me from the show that they stopped because of a medical emergency – jerome was having chest pains. the show was cancelled and rescheduled for november some time. scary.

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