ug. i am in so much pain right now it’s not funny. i can barely move my arms. fucking sitdown blackjack game. i almost cried on my game. it hurt so bad i couldn’t speak. i’d do anything for a massage right now.


somehow i managed to sleep until 3!!! i couldn’t get to sleep from being in pain, and the dull ache in my shoulder. i’m gonna have to dry my hair after my shower now blah.

oh and i got my new dresser yesterday. they woke me up at 9 and 10 when the movers called. then the came at 11, and brought the dresser inside in a box…when i cut the box off, it was facing the wrong direction. so i had to call my parents to help me move it, which was a good idea. cuz i realized i’d never be able to attach the mirror on my own anyway. i like it. but my comforter doesn’t match, so i need a new one. haha. i bought a new alarm clock on ebay too, it’s this rad little chrome clock attached to a big spring LOL. but trust me, it looks neat.

i was trying to figure out why my phone’s caller ID doesn’t display the names of who is calling me, just their number – even if they’re number is in my phone book. so i played around with it, maybe it’ll work now. someone just needs to call me now lol

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