i am currently in love with my life. i got an email from one of my parents friends, in response to my “change of phone number” email. she said my mom told her that i enjoy my job and am happy with my life. which i thought was wonderful. cuz i’m used to hearing my mom talk about how they’re dissapointed about grad school and that i’m not using my degree and blahblahblah. it’s nice for my mom to notice i am (for the most part) happy.

and i had a lovely day.

and leighanne and i are now in charge of a pretty large important project with the ctrc, which is exciting.

chilled here tonight with adrienne after getting dinner (which i will add, my stomach is being wacky and i can’t eat), did interesting makeup, watched zootv and drooled over macphisto, etc etc etc.

stuff is going on my head right now that i don’t know how to make sense of, but i am completely happy with that.


stupid internet is so messed up. but i loaded alot of stuff back onto the comp. i figure when i go to look for something and cant find it, i’ll go through all the disks to locate whatever i’ve forgotten. rad.

i’ve gotten 12thousand virus emails today. yay

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