urbex trip day 1

where to start. once again i got to preboard on my southwest flight out of buffalo because i had the oldest penny. and it was a different penny than last time LOL

left immediately from BWI for philadelphia and eastern state. eastern state…*droool* as soon as we walked in i said i could spend hours in that one place. we headed in and we were early for the members only hospital tour, so we wandered around the public cell blocks for a bit. gah. unbelievable. the intent of the eastern state people is to maintain a stable ruin. they aren’t trying to restore it to what it was, just to keep it in it’s current ruinous state, which i think is wonderful. it’s beautiful. the 2 story cell blocks (newer additions) weren’t open to the public because they’re still too dangerous. cell block 3, the hospital, that we had the private tour of is not normally open to the public because it’s unsafe. it has the worst roofs in the complex, and they’re working on fixing them now. but we got to see it. and holy crap. possibly my favourite part of any urbex site i’ve been too was eastern state’s “hydrotherapy” room. it just had a sign on the door (along with signs for the laboratory, psychiatry, physiotherapy, and xrays). but it also had 2 other really great rooms, the gem’s of the hospital – the recovery room and the operating room. of course i disobeyed the rules and went full into the 2 rooms (we were only supposed to step in and see and leave). beautiful rooms. unbelievable. they are trying to fix the roofs over these 2 rooms so they can open them to the public as part of a normal self guided tour. after the hospital tour, we asked the tour guide if he’d show us the chapel (we could see in it, but it was locked) so he took us in there. it had religious paintings (all in decay of course) painted by a former inmate. in all, eastern state is wonderful. love it. definitely would go back. brian – you have to get there. you’d love it.

so after eastern state we headed up to easten to the crayola factory. WONDERFUL. so cute. mostly kids stuff, crafts you can do, and some bits of history….demonstration on how they make crayons, got “free” samples of stuff with our tokens….lots of modeling clay haha. fun fun stuff. then it turns out right next door is the pez museum. so of course we had to go do that too. real small place, really cool. they had the ziggy stardust pez dispenser. hahah

left easton for connecticut. we had originally planned to hit 2 other places in conn before the holy land but because it gets dark so quickly, and we didn’t quite know where the places were located in their respective towns we decided to ditch that. so it was dark, but we had plenty of day left to spend. we didn’t think conn would have much to offer so we took a slight detour to….manhattan.

it’s not often i’m near NYC so when the i realized it was my chance to see the my current architectural obsession, the chrystler building, we jumped on it. so we made our way through manhattan towards the chrystler building. holy crap. best.building.ever. absolutely beautiful. art deco and gargoyles. every building should have those 2 things. lol. the building was closed so we couldn’t go inside beyond the main foyer. next door was grand central terminal, so of course, we had to go in there too. beautifully renovated as well. i’m not sure i if like the constellations painted on the ceiling -kinda cheesy – but still. beautiful. from there we backtracked to the empire state building and went to the observation deck. i had never even seen the building in my prior nyc visits. that was neat. good view of the city. there was a minute of contemplating seeing ground zero, but that didn’t happen.

so we headed back on the road for connecticut. got into waterbury around 12, and found the glowing 50 foot cross. so we had to go find the holy land so we know where to go tomorrow (er today). drove around in a shady neighborhood at the foot of the holy land, and did find it. totally unsecured. probably could walk up no problem but i think we’re going to ask the nuns for permission in person (they said no over the phone). if not. then we’ll just do it. but the glowing cross….fabulous.

then we took about another hour to find a damn hotel in this shit hole city. apparently there are only 2. we found this out from stopping at the freaking EMERGENCY ROOM since they were the only people around who didn’t look like they could kill us. marriott was 129 dollars, and we are in the holiday inn express which was only slightly cheaper. suck. but we get internet LOL.

maybe some pictures tomorrow. holy land then asbury. prolly stay the night there or in wildwood, then wildwood and back to baltimore on tuesday most likely.

see you then.


the great urbex road trip day 2

coming to you live from wildwood nj.

i forgot to mention yesterday, between crayola and nyc, we took a little detour. i found on the map that there was an achtung mountain so we HAD to go take a detour and drive around this non-mountain to see if there was some kind of achtung sign we could photograph/steal. so we wasted a bunch of time driving around some neighborhood and almost hitting a dear, and never found a sign. that’s ok.

so we headed to the holy land this morning. got up and didn’t bother asking nuns for permission. leighanne stayed with the car cuz it was on the side of a mountain and with her gimp foot, it wasn’t good terrain. and cuz in case the nuns came out we didn’t want to get towed. so i went wandering around the holy land. my god is it ever fabulous. really. seriously. it’s so great. it’s entirely trashed and falling down, but it’s wonderful. words can’t describe it. so i wandered back to a the car and a nun had come out and told leighanne it was ok as long as she stayed with the car. when i had gotten back down there another nun came out to find out what we were doing, and said if we were planning to stay long just to move the car. so leighanne took the opportunity to move the car and go wandering herself, as much as she could, since we seemed to have permission to be there. we were there for an hour and a half or so before heading out en route to asbury park.

rolled into asbury around 3. total dejavu cuz i had definitely been there and seen the buildings in 1995. drove around a bit, had the pleasure of being raped buying film for 6 dollars a roll in the most scary ghetto corner store. yay that was fun. so headed for the palace first. cased the joint, easily able to get behind the fence, but there was no obvious way in the building. so did the picture thing then went down the street to the casino. big obvious entry way, stuck my head in to take some pics as there was a man just sitting in a car in the parking lot. cased the place a bit and a guy on a bike accosted me asking if i was with the news paper doing a story. i said no, he asked if i was writing an article. he said they should tear it down cuz it’s a piece of shit. then came being almost run over by the big bad blue truck. it sped past me onto the sidewalk and sand drive of the casino. stopped but the kept going and almost ran over leighanne leaving the power house next door. he told her about not going in or he’d have to arrest us. he turned around and came back to me, told me not to go in there or the palace or any other place or he’d have to arrest me. i assured him i had no attention of going in…unfortunately, because we think the guy just parked there was a narc, we didn’t go in. we could have in 2 places. and my god from peeking in the 2nd entrance (the first was in the carousel house, the 2nd in the back part), it was a mecca. roof almost completely collapsed, nature taking over again. wonderful. beautiful building. loitered around a bit doing the photo thing before driving down the street a bit to madam marie’s fortune teller booth, went by the metropolis hotel for some shots then left as it was getting dark by then and it was a gloomy day all day anyway.

asbury is a shit hole. a scary ghetto shithole. just so you know.

we were under the same predicament of last night where it’s dark at 5 and nothing to do all night. so we detoured again, to atlantic city. went to borgato casino, but they had too high of limits for our taste, so we went to harrahs. played 5$ roulette for a bit and taught leighanne paigow for a while. had dinner at a restaurant there, then headed out to wildwood. there is absolutely NO one here hahaha. it’s so deserted it rocks. a bit scary but….cool nonetheless. drove around a bit but nothing much to see in the dark. tomorrow will be doing some driving around, hit the board walk to see what is to be seen, then heading back to baltimore/dc.

no pictures cuz leighanne’s thingy wont read her camera data card. oh well. soon enough right?

til tomorrow.


great urbex trip day 3

where did we leave off. wildwood, correct? so we spent the night at the days inn in wildwood. in the morning we checked out and i went to settle the bill. i noticed that they had a note with local internet access numbers, and that it’s 50 cents to connect, and 5 cents each minute. which we did not know. and we were online for a long time (we almost left it on all night). so she girl finally shows up and gets my bill and says she has to adjust it. didn’t say why, i didn’t ask why. all i did was see her subtract 32$ off the bill. 32$ which were our internet charges LOL. so we ended up not paying for the internet usage and i didn’t even mention it.

we started by going to the doo wop museum. it’s closed in the off season, but there was a phone number so leighanne called the guy and he came and let us in LOL. we rock. it’s a cool little museum with all sorts of old neon signs from the hotels, and other 1950s furniture and decor. after that we headed for the board walk. it’s so eerie to be in a resort town in the off season. everything closed, no one around. the gates to one of the amusement parks happened to be open because people were doing work inside. so we asked if we could walk around and take pictures. 2 people said sure, so we were walking around. by the time we got to the end of the pier there was a lady there who was like, um, what are you doing here? she said we couldn’t be there, so we left. she was nice about it and stuff so it was ok. and we were basically finished anyway. back to the car to drive around and photograph the hotel signs and stuff.

headed out back to baltimore. drive seemed to take forever even tho it was only 3 hours. once we got to leighanne’s house we went out to dc to meet up with jeramee and go to dinner in georgetown. it was nice to finally meet him. went back to the dc apartment where there was discussion and agonization (is that a word) over their xmas party evite LOL. it was amusing. back to the maryland house for the night.

day 4 brought the enchanted forest. bizarre place. it’s an old childrens park with lots of little houses and things from fairy tales. a strip mall was built right next to it/on top of it, so behind the strip mall are all the artifacts from the amusement park. it was way rad. went to the other side of the park, opposite the strip mall, and found holes in the fence. so i went in briefly to take a few pics. then we headed out to baltimore to find the brewery that leighanne had found online. drove through probably the worst neighborhood i’ve ever been in. excuisite building however. no chance in hell i’d ever go in it, in that neighborhood. unfortunately by the time we found it, it was down pouring so we didn’t even get out of the car to take some pics of it. there was a severe thunderstorm and tornado warning issued. yay hahah.

so we drove out to leighanne’s office and caught the mj news conference before heading to the airport. cuz of the weather my plane was delayed about 40 minutes, so i didn’t get home til 6. went out to dinner with my mom and now i’m home again.

this is all i’m going to say about michael jackson for right now. tom sneddon (DA in Santa Barbara county) is a pompass smug asshole. he was having way too much fun during the press conference for matters so incredibly serious, and that is very offensive to me. joking and laughing. it’s just unneccessary and unprofessional. the fact that there is a warrant out and mj is going to be arrested makes this situation infinately more serious than what happened 10 years ago. it’s all very sad. very very sad. i’d really like to see jordan chandler now, considering he’s my age, and now an adult and can talk about the 1993 case he started all he wants. i’d like to see what he has to say about his case, and what’s going on now. but i don’t expect that to happen.

so the trip was amazingly wonderfully good. took in my 17 or 18 rolls of film to get developed. they’ll be done by 5 tomorrow, but with my schedule tomorrow i’m not sure i’ll make it there to pick them up in time. and after that…i have to scan all 18 rolls. so don’t expect a full set up pics up any time soon. i’ll do my best. maybe by monday. we’ll see.

a few gems of the trip
“flesh eating zombies, bothersome. our home loans, not so.”
“you should have it, you are a baskin robins.”

Roadtrip Photos

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