adventures in urban exploring…

finally i had a partner in crime to go scope out buffalo central terminal again, and the psych center. started at the terminal. there was a gas company truck parked in the “parking lot” of the terminal, so when we got out of our car the guy was all like “Want me to take your picture?!” so we were like um sure, he took pics of us in front of the building, artfully hiding the “no tresspassing” sign behind us lol. he left us alone, and we took more pictures, walked around to the other side where there were workers sitting in their bulldozers. we asked them if they could let us inside, gave them our story about working for the railroad museum in baltimore, and he said no. fine. so we walked back the other way and down to the street that ran underneath the terminal. there is another strip of building there, all fenced off still. a cop drove by, scoped us out, la la la not doing anything wrong. just taking pictures. turns out that this farther end part of the building wasnt fenced of and was completely open. so we went in. it was so rad. kinda scary, lots of broken glass, but so friggen cool. probably could have gotten into the terminal from there, but that would be pushing it since we had no kind of first aid stuff with us, and we’re chickens hehe.

eventually left there and drove down to elmwood, stopped at a store that has a table i want for 120$, stopped at the poster store that had many of the posters i want for our apartment, so that’ll be helpful, won’t have to order them online. went to the psych center, and the bastards fenced it in too, like the terminal, for the restoration. ug. i hate chain link fences. so we couldn’t even get close to the building. walked the entire way around it, looking for places to maybe get in. found a giant hole someone cut in the fence, so people are still getting in at night. i ran in the hole real quick to grab a few shots, and then ditched. got conversed to by one of the patients. she thought i was jewish. hahah. so pissed about the fencing. ug.

headed back home, got ready to go to the casino. had dinner, fishy got to see the bitch that is minnie mouse. headed to see the falls, and went to canada. went to the casino there, i played some pai gow. cashed in 35 left with 115. and actually got a good exchange rate changing the 100 to american, got 71…better than last time when i got 64….walked down clifton hill, got martinis at the sports bar and watched the 2nd period of the ottawa new jersey game (oh i should check the score…tied, 12 min left in overtime)…headed back to the states and the casino again. fishy got to see john. goddamnit why does he have to look so hot all the time. he looked like beyond good tonight, ug ug ug. stupid john.

tried to get back to cvs to pick up my film (ended up taking a whole role at the terminal, plus the cleveland role, and now half a roll in the camera still from the psych center)…but it was closed. will pick up and scan tomorrow.

now it’s time for popmart show …gotta work off whatever mood this is that john got me into tonight hahah.

and oh yeah… my car turned 20,000 outside cleveland on the way home last night….took 15 months to hit 10,000 and 8 to hit the next 10….

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